I meant to write this blog a few days ago, but knowing me, I put it off for various reasons, so now all the fun, pithy comments I wanted to write have abandoned me saying, "Fine! Don't write us! We're going for a drink."


Ah well. So what's going on in the Life O' Me as of late?

Well, I've finished moving into Stacey's room and putting everything else that needed to be moved into Ashley's room, like her computer, the Playstation, and a few other things. Actually, wait, no, that's a lie. Not the part about Ashley's room, but the part about me being finished moving into Stacey's room. I'm 98% finished with that. What's missing? When Stacey came up to retrieve so many goodies as mentioned in the last blog, she also dropped off a small square desk space for me to use as a computer/writing desk, which got me all excited because:

1.) I used to try writing in the dining room but it was always A.) freezing in there and now B.) the TV has been moved to the living room, which is essentially in the same huge room.

2.) I have tried writing at mom's small table in the kitchen, but A.) it's covered in all kinds of stuff and B.) same as A and B from above - it's not the same room, but there are no doors to block out TV sound.

3.) I have used the computer room several times but A.) everyone comes in here to use the two computers that now occupy the counter, B.) it too is covered in all sorts of papers and crap that I don't know what to do with because it's not mine and dad is virtually no help in organizing it, and C.) the lighting in here sucks big time.

So I was happy to have a spot where I could close my door, have a nice little desk lamp giving off good light, and be able to have my own little space for good times, writing and computering. However, Stacey and Nick put it together downstairs and I guess they put it by all of dad's stuff because now he's taken it for himself (as he is wont to do so very, very often with things). I told Stacey about it (I'm not mad about it because hey, at least I got Stacey's room) and she said it was all wobbly anyway (didn't seem like that to me when I picked it up and later put their huge laser printer on it). Oh well.

Moving on, there is no shelf space for anything in her room. My dresser drawer top is occupied with my TV, the N64, and the Sega. That's my fault because it's not necessary for those to be up there taking up all that space, but honestly, since I can't get cable on that TV in there, there's really nothing left for me to use it for but to play video games. I'd rather do that than relinquish it to dad too. He wanted to swipe it and use it to watch TV downstairs while he worked out. Seriously, he's making some kind of little apartment downstairs. He took Stacey's bedframe (as she just took mattresses), put it downstairs, got new mattresses, and now takes refuge down there when mom's snoring too much. People in this house are weird sometimes.

But I need to stop ranting about dad and his weirdness. My plan is to go to K's Merchandise or Staples and get myself a nice little computer desk and a little lamp so I can have my cozy writing place and I can shut my door and put the roadtrip Holiday Inn "Do Not Disturb" sign on my doorknob. Sha-zam. Meanwhile, my little sister graduates from high school tomorrow so I get to wear my new shoes again (joy) and look cute - no doubt bumping into teachers I know and possibly former classmates, but that's fine. I've already started working out for the upcoming trip to Colorado (which I've orchestrated this time so it won't kill us), running up and down stadium stairs and going jogging on days I don't do that. I should start doing sit-ups too while I'm at it. I still need to chop off my hair....


I guess that's it. Very unexciting. Unlike Stacey, who happens to be in Orlando, Florida swimming with dolphins and manta rays and feeding exotic birds...I hate you. She's there for her graduate stuff, like they sent her to California and almost sent her to freaking Antarctica. Maybe I'll get to visit her in June, and then maybe I'll head to Arkansas to visit my grandparents, though I don't know how I'd get down there.

Oh, and we think the felon from across the street moved. If so, awesome.

One last thing before I actually go - I was hoping to finagle some way of getting to Megan and Derek's wedding, but my hopes have now been dashed since they're getting married in the VIRGIN ISLANDS! Wackos. Someone is going to have to inform me just how the heck that came about.

And about the title, I almost forgot about that. See, since dad is on the Atkin's Diet (aka meat and veggies only; carbs = Satan), as a chocoholic (actually I think if I were a true chocoholic I would have cracked and bought some long ago) I spazzed and had to buy a bag of Hershey's Nuggets the other day. Milk chocolate. I only eat about one or two a day after meals. They're just enough to take care of my chocolate craving. And of course, they're hidden behind a ton of books in my room like the little hoarder I am.


Num num num num!