That's what I had for brunch today.

Actually they were just Eggos, but it sounds much more delicious describing them the other way. Eggos are so boring when they're just Eggos.

I've been meaning to post something for weeks now. I just haven't because (as usual) I'm lazy. Yeah, too lazy to get online, babble, and click a few buttons. Aren't I the pathetic one? It's not as though there isn't anything happening around here either. Sure, most of the time dad's simply watching TV, Ashley is playing video games, and mom is working, there have been diversions. If you haven't read The Critter Trap, it's up now and may amuse you to some extent. I'm trying to decide whether or not to bother doing a garage sale story because while it was just your basic garage sale, there were (naturally) elements of the weird surrounding it, extending two days after the sale itself. Items concerning the sale include tigers (not exciting as it sounds - they weren't live tigers mind you), kids, and one particular little girl that simply wouldn't go away. Perhaps if anyone jingles my chain and says, "I wanna read about it" I'll do it...otherwise it might not happen unless I get bored enough and decide anyone cares. After all, the sale was almost two weeks ago on June 24th.

Because I've been on an extensive Spring Cleaning (a.k.a. "We need to get this old shit outta here - seriously.") mode, I've been goofing around, trying to think of ways to ditch stuff we don't use/need and isn't worth keeping to sell or give away for free. People around here pick up anything if it's free by the way. So we had a huge box absolutely full of books that we didn't know what to do with. We only sold a minute fraction of what we had in stock during the garage sale, and since I knew mom probably wasn't motivated enough to find ways to rid herself of them, I had been pondering ideas on my own. Charity seemed the best option for the books, remaining games, and pethora of stuffed animals lurking about in the house. I'd managed to consolidate the karate gear and sports equipment into a large bag and a large box, and practically dragged dad down into the basement to give me the OK in trashing a ton of his Electrolux stuff. Electrolux, by the way, is the vacuum company dad used to work for. In the boxes were tons of plaques, awards, a trophy, yadda yadda yadda. He hates that company and so they were all pretty much useless. The only concern was whether or not the garbage men would take them away. They can be picky sometimes...which is weird because it's garbage. I mean, I can understand, you know, a couch or a large something-or-other, but a thrown out trophy? Come on. But I didn't need to worry too much because they took it all. Huzzah. Less crap to worry about/deal with.

Oh, the books. Right. Well I've recently gotten into looking over our ghetto little Rantoul newspaper and stumbled upon an article about the library needing books to sell and whatnot. I promptly took out a pen and circled it. Score. So on Monday I managed to needle mom into taking them over there (it was a two person job - I was the laborer and let me tell you, that was a big box and those books were freaking heavy - needed someone to open doors and things). Now all we have to do is get rid of all the crazy stuffed animals and old board games. While thumbing through one of mom's old magazines I found a tiny bit about disposing of old items for free without needing to really go anywhere - Woot. So I went there and unless we find anything better, I'll see if I can't get mom into doing that with me. After all, I only own 1/3 of the stuffed animals in the house. Stacey's are not under my juristiction, the same with Ashley's, and I know she's eager to rid herself of some. Another idea, of course, is the infamous Ebay. But people like pictures and that's a bit of a problem seeing as we have no digital camera or a scanner. I guess we could just take pictures and then get them all on a CD, but I don't know how keen mom (or dad) would be on me clicking away. True, I could get a disposable camera and make a CD, but in the end most of this crap (more like 90% of it) isn't mine - I'm just really into helping get extra uneeded stuff out of the house. I'm not a fan of clutter.

Aside from junk, birds flying into my window (didn't mention that? Well, that's all there is to it - they see a tree in the reflection of the window and *bump!* to which my response is always "OMFG!" because I don't ever expect it), my dog going deaf (she so is), my chocolate withdrawl (I'm out of Nuggets), the looming house party on the 15th (Mexican themed), and my scheming to get more Ergo Proxy, there's the other thing. The Penn State thing.

"Penn State?" you ask. Yes, Penn State.

If we want to get technical, it really has nothing, or at least very little, to do with me. After all, I am 22, independent, and could simply strike out on my own. The Penn State thing is this: My dad is at U of I in the Special Education Dept. However, they don't have a specific program, and it just happens to be what dad wants to focus in on. Instead he's weaving about, getting this and that done, until one day one of his pals from graduate school during his Master's search contacted him and told him about how Penn State has the program he wants, how it rocks out, and other good things. From there things have basically snowballed and now he's in contact with some of the higher ups in that program. Now they wouldn't be bothering with a 54-year-old guy who has a family and would have to move etc. etc. if they weren't interested in him to a large degree. You'd think they'd be going after younger kids, you know? So it's an interesting little spectacle. And me? Would I go with? Well that's interesting too. I have to decide if I want to try out again for grad school, which I may, and dad mentioned that Penn State has a creative writing program. Intriguing, to be sure. Why would I bother? No offense to my fellow Illinois friends, but you're all aware on how much this state bores me. Don't get me wrong, it has its high points (all of you included), but skipping off to Pennsylvania, I must admit, does have its tug on me. I've moved so many times one would think I'm tired of it, and in some ways I am - I did fuss a lot to dad when he kept babbling about moving to Champaign...but then that is just 30 some miles down the road and a move I consider just stupid. I'd have to see where I'm going before I get too excited anyway. On the other hand I would be farther away from Stacey and that sucks nuts as it is. Decisions, decisions.

I should go biking...but I'm lazy.

I leave for the Rocky Mountains on July 20th. "Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam..."

Currently reading Wicked
(after my Angels & Demons book copped out on me by going from page 304 to page 337, subsequently leaving me out of the loop for 30 some pages)

P.S. If you've never had custard before, the frozen, ice-cream-like kind, do yourself a favor and go try some. It's fantastic.

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  1. Stacey Says:

    I've borrowed "Wicked" from someone and so far I've finished with the first section, when Elphaba was a baby. Ok, so let me tell you....FREAKY. It sooooo reminded me of baby penguin in Batman Returns. Fugged up shit. And dad's crazy. When is he visiting Penn State? I dun wanna pay for a freakin' plane ticket every time I come visit!!! And the party is the 15th, not the 14th. And yer gay.