So dad's been really pissy today.

I don't know why, really. Something to do with mom he said. He tried to make me guess, saying it's the one thing that can get him all mad like that. I failed to guess correctly.

He's still pissy. I can hear him right now, banging around in the pans trying to do...something. Hell if I know. ...Hell if I wanna know. Either way, he's been like this all day, just bitchy and whiney. Heh, I could ask him if he's on his man period, but he might kill me.

So instead he did what he does best - get mad about everything and order everyone around. Naturally we do it because it's easier to hop to than to argue about it and just make the situation worse. So the house is all spic-n-span, the camping gear is all neat and tidy, everything is vacuumed, pool is refilled and covered, etc. etc. Since then I've been hiding out in my room because every time I'm around him he wigs out over something and that's no fun. Of course, hanging out in my room doesn't always work either since he can freak out anyway and yell about something to which he needs an answer or he'll freak out more. I'm thinking tomorrow I should go to Barnes & Noble to do some work, seeing as I've been at it all day (see other blog). However, there is a small problem with that since I've been planning to pull an all nighter tonight and do a bunch of reviews on music and books and movies, and basically anything I can get my hands on. I'm up to 271. I only need 29 more to hit 300. And why not? August is a good 300 mark. Don't ask me why, I'm just making this up as I go.

I forgot to mention at any point that the basement flooded again about a week ago when it rained (a.k.a. the sky opened up and went *barf!* all over everything). The street turned into a river and that was about when we realized there was a lot of water coming into the basement. However, because of last year's (was it last year? Well, whenever, you remember that story) flood, we were prepared. Pump, wet vac, ( dad making cookies down there?? He's making something that involves stirring...I feel like saying pancakes but that makes no sense either since he was rooting around in the pan cupboard before) and dehumidifier. All of the above came in really handy about then. It wasn't half as bad as last time though - I'd say only about 50% of our basement - no, more like just 40% of it was affected. It didn't get two of the rugs (hooray!) and never made it over to the exercise equipment. It definitely didn't take us all day to clean up. More like an hour or two. Maybe that's another reason we should move...I have a few others recently popping up, but I can basically file them under Rantoul's stupidness so maybe they don't count.

Oh! The reason behind the flooding! Almost forgot. During the storm (and not long after I saw a bolt of lightening behind a large tree not a mile from our house - I subsequently turned off my computer and the other two) the power went out for just a second. Okay, maybe two. Either way, it was long enough for the city underground pump to shut off and not turn back on. Oh the joys of our city. I tell you, the street being a river - it came up over the sidewalk and started getting into our front yard there was so much rain. Ca-rayzee.

I still don't know what dad's making, and I guess I should head on over to the other blog to talk about the other things I've done today, but I'm getting tired of being on here so I might do that tomorrow. Who knows. You'll find out when you take note of the date and time at the bottom of it.

Pancakes? I have no idea.

Edit: It has something to do with the oven...
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