How to start this blog?

I suppose I should start by coming right out and saying it: The house is officially up for sale. Yup, there's a sign in our yard and everything. Our agent came over today (while I was making bacon and eggs in my pajamas for heaven's sake!) and they chatted and talked and her husband helped fix a light dad had long since given up on and that I'd forgotten existed and were there until I came back down to make myself a miniature sub sangwich. (and no, that's not a typo)

Of course, that means major housecleaning. Housecleaning and often for people who decide to come strolling through. I'm going to have to organize my room again in some shape or form. And we need to sell more stuff too - chairs, a chest of drawers, the Nissan that's been sitting under the carport for so long it won't budge and will probably have to be towed out by whoever takes it. And then there's the stuff we won't bother trying to sell and instead will just put on the curb for a freesale. digest here I come.

Before then, I've been running around, looking up job stuff and filling out applications and write, rewriting, and printing cover letters, tweaking resum├ęs, and all that other nonsense. Let's face it - there are no decent jobs in this town. Clerks, secretaries, laborers, nurses - basically jobs that either aren't awesome and don't pay all that awesome either, or stuff for professions I have no relation to. So I guess my best bet is retail. Besides, I don't need a super awesome job if I'm going to move in however long it takes anyway. I did send off some stuff to flash around my skills for a spot I saw in the paper blaring "FREELANCERS WANTED" (sha-zam) and another for an editorial spot for a company that puts out textbooks. Then of course there's Borders and Barnes & Noble (who is hiring - sha-zam again; I'd like working there). I'm still not too keen on getting back into the working sector (naturallly) but I'd get to feeling real guilty real fast for living here and not offering anything at all. I admit to leeching from time to time, but I can't go on like that. Drives me nuts and it's not right. If I couldn't get a job, I'd redouble my efforts for publishing. I've taken a bit of a break from it now. Gets exhausting after a while. It's like studying and writing a paper since I've got my nose in books with a highlighter poised over the page and I need to check and recheck addresses, editor names, blah blah, until I realize I've been doing all that for two days in a row and I burn myself out. Speaking of which, I might send something else off today...but the rest of this is stuff for the other blog.

The weather hasn't exactly been agreeable either, but at least it's not been completely horrible. When it rains it's just normal rain - it's not coming down in sheets or flying sideways. It's been one of those days where even the dog lays around because there's nothing to do and she can't play outside. I've taken to reading a lot, myself. Actually, some of that is due to another publishing company. Their guidelines are very specific and they request the submitter read at least two books from a small list that they have (and not surprisingly, the library only had one, so I think I'll just say, "Screw it" and buy the other one) so as to get a feel for what they like, and then fill out a form, yadda yadda before even submitting. That way you can decide if your work really is the right stuff to send them. So far I'm still leaning towards "Um, yes," but I want to be sure and read this other book first, one specifically published by them.

And, in the end, should I end up jobless, dad has asked if I want to go with him for a week to Pennsylvania while he gets a bunch of junk and paperwork and other stuff together. Sure. Why the hell not? Especially if I don't have a job (which I really do need to have, actually, guilt or not, because I owe the government some cash). Get a feel for the layout of the place, things like that.

Ugh. I need some freaking chocolate.

But yeah, that's about the gist of things. And the car fiasco. Well, it's not really a fiasco. Just that dad will need a car and I'll probably need a car since we only have two at the moment and we'll all be split up depending upon jobs and such. Dad in Pennsylvania, mom will be working in the new Walgreens here in Rantoul (instead of the ghetto one in Champaign), and me, well, that's left to be decided.

And I'm starting to think this book search I might just dump and execute plan B at the library...

Thank God for the little bit of Linkin Park I put on this computer.

Our sign is not this nice - it's just one of the wire ones. =P

Edit 8/12: Actually, never mind. Ours is that nice now - some kid just put it into our yard...
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  1. Megan Says:

    So where exactly are you going to be? If your house is up for sale, where is your mom going to live? I hope you stay around here; I'll miss you!
    I hope you can get your patoot up to ISU on September 9th for the tailgate- I'll be there!!