I no longer want to shoot myself in my face.

I’ve been wanting to post a blog for a while now, but I haven’t wanted to push my luck or anything. I’m vaguely superstitious sometimes, so I decided to hold off on putting anything up until after Monday.

What happened on Monday.

What didn’t happen on Monday?

We need to rewind a little bit first.

You already know that I’ve been putting in applications and looking for work. Right, nothing new. My little sister Ashley is enrolled in Parkland College and classes began on Monday. Ok, good. Mom and dad went to Pennsylvania again last week for the entire week, coming back on Friday. They looked at houses and apartments; dad needs an apartment to stay in until we go over to move in somewhere, and the houses they looked at were basically crap since the real estate lady worked for a high-end sort of place and knew that we couldn’t afford anything just yet, so she basically didn’t work very hard to impress them. Rude, I think, because for all she knows we could sell this bitch tomorrow and then have the cash to shell out for a nice house and make her a nice chunk of money, but hey, what do I know of customers and respect and timing? They got back Friday, and I was beginning to stress because a new car is indeed in the works, but dammit, I need a job in order to pay back school loans, not to mention that now it’s August so I’m getting really antsy. This will be the first time in my life where I don’t have to go off to school, so now I definitely need something else to do in order to stop mooching, as I’ve previously mentioned.

Moving on. Thursday, before mom and dad got back, I took Ashley to Parkland where we walked around in order to find all her classes and for her to get a better feel for the place. Good God…but I’ll get to that. It was also during that week I got a phone call from a company called Omegatype that publishes textbooks and that I applied to for an editorial position. They would like an interview. F-ing score. When? I say any day will do – it’s not like I’ve doing anything and school doesn’t start for dad yet so he’s not going anywhere. Monday at 2:30. Sounds good. Confirmed. Clunk goes the phone as I put it back. Huzzah. Drinks all around.

Monday. Here we are. Ashley’s school starts today and guess what? I get to wake up at 7:20ish and take her there for her 9am. Ugh. I am not a morning person. I never have been. I feel like I’m the one going to school. Not something I’m excited about. My hope at the time of forming my interview was that I would wake up at 9ish, shower, makeup, eat something, get ready, and leave at 1:50 to be sure I got there with a decent amount of time to spare. I absolutely abhor being late. Especially when it’s something I consider important. I was never nervous about the interview, which is ironic since I’ve only been to a total of 2 in my life. They can’t even really be counted because I was basically in with Dick’s and the interview was mostly a formality to be sure they were getting what they were promised, and the other was at the Daily Vidette and how serious can that be taken when they seem to be unable to proofread themselves out of a bag at times. I’d made a point to visit the building on Friday so I was sure I knew where it was.

Instead of my plan, the plan got out of my control and became this: I take Ashley to school, dad and I go get a car or at least look at a few more, we tool around until 1 when Ashley’s done, go get here, mosey around some more until 2:30 for my interview where I would be dumped off. Ugh. Not excited. I didn’t want to do all that, I didn’t want to be dumped off, and my biggest fear was that in cruising around Champaign or doing whatever errands dad had to do there, like get a new ink cartridge, we would get to my interview late and that would turn me into Grade A Bitch, and I mean hardcore. Especially since I was now pretty flustered. Most of my being flustered was for Ashley. We got there and I went in with her – yeah, I know we treat her like she’s not 19 and it’s pathetic, but you don’t know Ashley, so try not to judge. Besides, I’m always the one doing my best to get mom and dad to ease up off her and let her do her own thing since she is 19 for goodness sakes, but I can only do so much and for years I haven’t been here to tell them to back up, so yeah. Anyway, as I was leaving, I did something I don’t often do unless I’m stressed and worried tons, I asked God to keep an eye on her. I was uber worried she’s get lost, get flustered, and have an utterly horrid time there. It’s completely possible too, for anyone. Parkland is a maze, okay? A fucking maze. Even I didn’t know where I was going and got turned around half the time when we were there days before. But all I could do was hope that she’d remembered the route we mapped out from class 1 to 2 to 3 and be fine, call us when the day was done, and be comfortable with her new routine. She’d had hell to deal with in schools before, that’s why I was so worried for her – I don’t want her to deal with any more fucked up stuff.

Wishful thinking.

I voiced my freaked-outness to dad and he decided to forgo with the car shopping/buying. For that I was grateful, though since we bought cookies at Sam’s a day or so before, I was sucking those down like there was no tomorrow. I can’t even begin to guess how many cookies I ate yesterday. So I had time to gather myself together, do some reading, get gussied up appropriately, dress, exchange gym shoes for black heels, and around 12 something we left. We mosey into Parkland and I manage to get us where Ashley is and that’s when we get some shitty news. Someone somewhere fucked up, bad. Parkland didn’t get paid, Ashley’s classes got dropped. See, she was supposed to visit a room at some point to do a writing sample for them to pick an English class for her. She has a break between 11 and 12 so she went over there then, having nothing else to do. It was then someone behind the desk informed her of this. Cue more stress for the poor girl. Someone did manage to reinstate her, but that meant we had to pay that day or else. She managed to find her classes, which were in different areas now (God knows how – I thanked him later). So after wandering around a bit and getting bearings we visit the Business Office. The lady behind the desk has a bit of attitude and so that brings it out in dad. Joy. My feet fucking hurt because of all the ramps in the place – what I wouldn’t have given for stairs. I’m also getting all hot and gross and hope it doesn’t make me look too freaky for later. No one is a happy camper. We’d missed all the payment plan deadlines and now owed nearly $900 right then. Yeah, right. Dad raises some hell and then we march all over to a few other places to get some information.

I don’t know who went wrong. I don’t know where things went wrong. RTHS took their sweet ass time sending over Ashley’s transcripts so she couldn’t enroll until August 4th. All the dates were pretty much passed at that time, but the records show that the transcripts came in June. In short, I don’t know what happed, really. I just know that now, everyone’s basically pissed off. Ah, but moving along. It’s past 1 and we’re finally heading out of there. Dad and Ashley want food. Dad offers custard, but I’m not freaking hungry – at all. I’m hot, irritated, and have been wanting the day over with ever since 8am that morning. After they get food at Arby’s, we head to the interview. I’m happier because A.) I’m there and B.) I’m almost 10 minutes early. I head in, get greeted by two interviewers and the Vice President of the whole shebang and from the get go it already sounds like I’m hired. Again, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but the way things went, it just really seemed like it. But I’m not counting my chickens until they’re hatched, grown up, and laying eggs of their own.

The end of the interview basically meant the end of the day, or at least the totally bonkers part of it. The house was being shown at 7 that night still. So we had time to get home, eat, and then all of us went out with the dog to the lake near our house and waltzed around there for a while. It was a really good ending to a super crazy day. Cool air, grass, open space, fish swimming around in the lilies (or whatever they were). All was good. Then we went back, they were still at the house, so we went and got ice cream. Heh. All I’d eaten all day was a number of cookies, dinner (grilled salmon and a side dish), and then ice cream.

Today is an off day. I should nap I suppose, but I have laundry and I’d wake up grouchy or like I’d been shot with a horse tranquilizer so I’ll forgo the nap. The Parkland situation is still not awesome and we’re getting the car tomorrow (going to be a black Saturn Ion for about $12,000 with 13,000 miles I think – could be wrong on the milage) and it’s been decided that I’ll be driving it. Dad’s going to need the Isuzu for transporting his stuff to Pennsylvania, and if I do get a job, I’ve decided that I’ll make payments for the car and make it mine. I’m already dishing out $3,000 as it is (because originally if I didn’t take whatever we ended up getting car-wise, I’d pay that and take the Isuzu).

I’m beat. A few final notes and shout-outs to random people. No Stacey, I haven’t been playing any video games. I don’t feel productive when I do that – but once I get a job, then I will because I’ll finally be doing something. Ashley plays them too much and it just makes me go “Ugh” at the idea of doing the same, you know? Once I have a foot in somewhere, I’ll be comfortable enough to sit down after work and let my ass fill out while I play. And Kingdom Hearts is annoying the fuck out of me. I’ll probably move on to Prince of Persia. And I sold all the old Sega games except the system and the Sonics. To Sandra and Stacey – I’ve finished the first Janet Evanovich book; did it the last two days. I am highly amused, but I’ll have to order the next one from the library like I did last time. And Sandra, you need to visit Stacey’s blog to check on her cast list for the books and see if you approve, haha. Oh, to Stacey again, I rented Return to Me from the library too, but have yet to see it. Megan, you’ll have to be sure to let me know how your days at school go in your new position. To Jenni – where the hell are the baby pictures? To Derek – Bonnar and Griffin are going to fight again; that kicks ass. Anthony, what is all this shit I hear about you doing some tailgating thing and you not contacting me to invite me? I’m going to kick your ass next time I see you (or virtually if I’m online – wahah!). Shawn – you’re still mad because you’re ugly. Katie – you suck for never emailing me back, you bitch you. ;) To everyone else, love ya and hope your summer has been whomping butt and leaving behind the stress.

For some reason, I’m feeling rather vampiric today. Anyone else?

Additional Note: This was going to get posted at about 3 o’clock today, but then the A/C decided to be a bitch, Parkland’s online system is a goddamn joke, my damn dinner kept fucking up, and now I’m very hot and irritated. At least I’ll be driving a new (for me anyway) car tomorrow.
4 Responses
  1. Stacey Says:

    Michael Clark Duncan can't play bad guys. Or if he does, I can't imagine him as a psychopath boxer. He's too big. I always remember him in The Green Mile and always think of him as a big teddy bear.

    PAN COOKIES!!!!!!

    Oh, and if you're into the whole vampire mood but like the Stephanie Plum Bounty Hunter theme, I found some books that look pretty cool and I might start on them soon when I finish all the Janet Evanovich novels. I can't remember the author, though, so we'll just have to go to Barnes and Noble to look.

  2. Derek Says:

    September 9. Tailgate party. Be here or suck.

  3. Sandra Says:

    So, I checked out Stacey's character list. And, Stacey please don't take this personally, but I don't think I agreed with you on any of your choices. Neither did my sister, who is a huge Evanovich fan also. Could be that, on some of the characters, since you haven't read all of the books yet, you haven't read about all their habits and quirks yet. Or it could just be that me and my sister are HUGE fans and just feel that huge big-name stars in a movie based on the books would take away from the novelty and reality of the characters and situations, themselves. But rock on and keep reading those books. I can't wait till number 13 comes out. Motor Mouth, the second book in one of Evanovich's other series, comes out in October. I can't wait!

  4. Derek Says: If you haven't seen this, you need to. If you have, watch it again. You have to be a member of YouTube though. This should put me into like SUPERSuper Hero status or something.