As I speak I'm looking at jobs online. The publication place never called back. In fact, I've called them twice. They say they're still looking. For what, I don't know. More people to interview I guess. So naturally I've had it with being patient (I mean, it's been three weeks) and I really want some kind of income, if anything just to make me feel better and productive, so I'm out looking. The thing is, I don't want to deal with people, or at least deal with them as little as possible. But you all already knew that. Yes, inevitable, says the world, like so many bad guys to the good guy. Smith and Neo come to mind, actually. Hmm. Anyway, I could go back to Dick's, easy as pie. But I really do want to do something different, even if it is just retail in another store. Gordman's comes to mind there. Or maybe Kohl's. Hmm. In reality the prospects are just really...they suck monkey butt is what they do.

I have a theory that there are places that don't want people with a college degree. Why? Duh, because then they think they can get away with paying you less. With a degree it's like you're stamped to get a decent amount of money, whereas say you only have a high school diploma, well, suddenly you're not so awesome now are you? And it's Champaign. The people here have this attitude like they rock out so hard core when in fact, uh, they don't. I might have mentioned all this before. I don't remember. My memory is going from all this nonsense I have to do. Online, offline, application here, application there, etc. etc. I threw up my hands today and just called an employment placement agency. The chick was obviously taking a look see in her computer (could hear the clicking of keyboardness) and started talking about picking corn. At first I thought, "Oh geez, honestly..." but then considered, "Well, I like being outside, doing my own thing away from masses of people and bitchy customers, and $8.50 an hour for pluckin' corn isn't too bad. I'm game." I am game. Unless Sandra emails me about the horrors of corn picking, in which case I might decide suddenly it doesn't sound so cool. But then again I'm not exactly normal - I'm not a city girl (hell no) but I'm no country girl either. I'm like a weird thing in the middle. I don't even have attributes of either one. Hmm.

¬_¬ Bugger.

Ah well. I have a credit card - did I ever mention that to anyone? Yeah. There's nothing on it though. Haha. I plan to use it for gas only. Speaking of gas, it's magical how the prices have gone down, eh? Lucky me - I get a car and boo-yah! Gas is down to $2.51 here, so said the gas stations today. I apologize to those of you in bigger cities in the case that you're getting pounced upon and having your wallet stolen every time you gas up. In Champaign it was $2.53 so weirdly enough it was actually cheaper here. I think we should throw some kind of party if it ever reaches below $2.

So dad is all gone. Off to Pennsylvania where he backpacks to work out and is happily working away in his program, talking about publication with the big boys etc. He calls every day. Poor bloke. He emails like there's no tomorrow either. Guess he's bored down there...or over there. Pennsylvania isn't exactly "down" now is it? Nicole needs to learn her geography all over again. Dur. He keeps telling me not to worry about the job thing, and when I think about it, isn't exactly worry. More like stressing. I feel useless to my family, just some slug sucking off them. Nicole's a little parasite. Gross. Jobs, jobs, jobs, yadda, yadda, yadda. Let's move on to something else for all your sakes. Why can't I ever write anything fun like Stacey? She writes about Mac vs. PC commercials and all I've been doing is bitching. Puke.

I've gotten into contact with a guy named Tim who lives in Champaign and whom I basically know nothing about aside from the fact that he was referred to me by a guy named Jason who was referred to me by a woman named Alison who's the head honcho (at least of the poetry program) at Carbondale. *whew* Anyway, Jason said I should get in touch with him since he's applying for grad schools as well and we should exchange work. Makes sense to me, especially if I'm going to have to create literary short stories (the utter opposite of what I so enjoy doing). Might as well have someone out there to give them some kind of critique. (Hey, I smell like soap. Mmm...). Might meet up with him sometime after all this job nonsense and have a cup of coffee (or a frap...or a big cookie - I've been a cookie whore as of late) and talk writing and grad stuff. He's curious about my rise and downfall in the world of graduate school. Haha. At least it's interested someone. Maybe I could write a short story on that.

On the list of other good things includes the approach of my 300th review at Epinions. I only have 7 reviews to go. Hooray beer! I mean, hooray! Or maybe hooray margaritas since we still have some margarita mix left and now mom bought some margarita glasses. That's right Stacey - mom bought margarita glasses with that gift card. Wahaha. Oh and how I want the shelves I saw there when we went. Pier 1 had the greatest shelves and they were on sale 50% off. Aaaaaggghhh I wanted them so bad. It's not often I go nuts over something. Sandra and Katie were around when I had my sudden button-down shirt fetish. Megan was there when I regretfully did not buy the utterly sweet Old Navy messenger bag that I didn't think I'd use and then found out it would have been AWESOME the very next semester for my Writer's Crawls. Or my limited $100 spree which entailed a brown phase. *pauses* I think that's about it. Anyway, it's been a while since I've wanted anything that badly. But naturally, my buyer's sense came up.

"Do you need those shelves?"
"...No. But they're so pretty..."
"Don't you already have a shelf?"
"...Yeah. But I could put it in the computer room and ditch that old ghetto one."
"But do you really need them? Are you really willing to pay all that for them?"
"...Kinda. I could put it on my credit card."
"And then pay it back with what? You have no income."
"...I could have mom get it for me as a graduation present..."
"Does she honestly have the money for that?"
"Well yeah, I guess you're right. What with dad in school and her stuck at Walgreens...but it's not fair! I haven't gotten anything yet and I'm going to pay back the $2,500 for the car!"
*sigh* "Fine. I know."

Bugger. :(

The other good thing includes the sale of two books on totaling $41.75. And cookies. I made cookies last Friday during the fun-time Stargate goodness and I'm going to make them again tomorrow. Not to mention that I ate German chocolate cake tonight along with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream by Edy's (just a little). *pokes tummy* I am like a crack addict. I'm more relaxed when stuff like that is in the house and I know I have access to it at the drop of a hat. Like at school - easy access didn't always mean total indulgement - er, except for that whole Vermonty Python/fudge cow thing. Yeah, that was a little overzealous. I might have worried Derek. Haha.

So how does Nicole stay sane? Chocolate, sugar, the simple joys of life like watching the clouds, growing things, hummingbirds (that chase the bees away from the feeder - that was funny), and people who make me happy. Two noteworthy mentions - Stacey's blog and Derek's "suckosity." I'd be even happier if I got to hang out with everyone on Saturday, but apparently someone had to go and cancel. No names will be named. 0XD

And I'm very disappointed that Dane Cook's next movie stars him and Jessica Simpson.

Bugger. >.<

I need to redo my nails.
4 Responses
  1. Stacey Says:


    *horses whinny*

  2. Sandra Dee Says:

    I'm not even going to go into detail about picking corn. Although if your nails are still a concern, seeing as how you closed with, "I need to redo my nails," then you're definitely going into the wrong profession. Ever wonder why I never had nails before I went away to college??? And, unless they're really nice about how they plant, it's not like you just get to walk down a clear row of corn and pick with ease. deal with bugs, spiders, snakes, and other creepy things jumping outta nowhere. And don't even get me started on the scratches and cuts you will magically acrue from corn stalks. is a job outside...yada yada yada. And perhaps I hated it because I did it for so long and it was just tedious farm bullshit to me. You definitely won't have to deal with people, but you won't come out smelling like a rose either. Think it through carefully, hun.

  3. Derek Says:

    Jesus woman, were you going to volunteer for picking corn?! What the hell?

  4. Megan Says:

    Um...corn? Now, I am a city girl, but I just can't imagine you standing in manure and whatever they use to fertalize while you pluck corn and sweat. The image of Nicole + corn picker just gives me a weird picture :-P
    On the other hand, money's money... but still, I think Dick's is a safer bet than corn (and it's got AC and heat and a roof!). Three strong bonuses right there.
    I'll let you know the next time I'm going to come down to ISU- sometime in mid-October probably since I've got a 4 day weekend from work. Around the 15th, I think. I hope to see you soon!!!