I'm better now.

I had my breakdown early Sunday (and then the next morning after dreaming my dog had died) so all my rage and whatnot has leaked out. So I'm back to normal - I don't hate my car, I finally got into contact with the company I want in on, my glories are doing their damnest to make a comeback, among other things.

Good times.

The car. The dealership called me a few days ago to set up a check up on my car, and I took it in and got a new battery out of it (no charge - sha-zam. Though I did sort of wanna go "HA!" to them, but I was normal so I didn't) and everything else checked out fine. The breaks aren't an issue, though the car is a little shuddery when slowing down. It's not the breaks, it's just the fact that the car is 6 years old. The thing that does bother me the most is how iffy it is in the wind. Seems like the wind pushes it around more easily than it should and that makes me a little wary. Oh! Good lord, and the blind spot is a little larger than I'd first noticed. Or enough at least that on Wednesday I almost lane-changed into someone. Fucking NOT cool. You know, I don't even think the guy noticed. Freaked me out though, so I'm going to be an extra paranoid driver when I have to change lanes or pass someone now. Joy. Still, it's a pair of shoes. What's that mean? I mentioned last time it would be like a pair of shoes I bought - sucky at first, but I'd get used to it. It's as I predicted. I'm slowly getting used to it though it hasn't totally sunk in that this is my car. I'm still distanced from that since I guess it's not what I would have gone with from the start, but as usual, oh well. It's something and it gets me from A to B and we haven't gotten to the resentment point that the vacuum and I have, and I don't think that's going to happen. I told the car I'd be good to it if it was good to me, and so far it's holding up it's end of the bargain, so it's cool. Car situation: A-Ok.

I called the company again, and this time the person I wanted to talk to wasn't in a meeting, but neither were they at their desk. Ugh. But five minutes later I got a call. I might have noticed (says the person) that the ad is still in the paper so they're still checking things out. Um ok. This is Champaign - how many people do you think fit the bill? Hire me already! I'm a hard worker and I want to do this! I wish they just knew that I'd be great for them. So I'm still waiting. But I figure at least by me calling they know that I want to freaking work there. In other areas, I'm pondering joining Mary Kay again now that I can transport myself, or just going to a company and having them hire me out to temp jobs and all that since who knows how long we'll be here and such?

And on that note, dad is off and in Pennsylvania already. He left yesterday for his little apartment, calling after reaching every state. I got him plenty of goodies on his computer to listen to (including a plethora of songs from The Blues Brothers - which I'm listening to as we speak). I was up till 4am the other day doing it. Nyahahaha! But now we won't see him until November. Bums me out but at the same time it's not too bad. Love my dad and all, but there are a few perks to him not being here. Chocolate. Lack of TV/news. Lack of errands to run. Lack of being told I need to do this and that and feeling freaked out and rushed. I did get all bummy when he left because I think mom was getting teary eyed and I knew that he was going to really miss her (heck, we go to Colorado and he starts missing her even though he bitches about her doing this and that when he's here...whatever). I think as time goes by he just wants to be by her as often as possible. Getting older and all that. But what do I know - I'm just guessing. Anyway, it's just us now and the house is getting looked at again on Saturday. I'm making cookies Friday night because I've had a craving for fresh cookie dough and cookies straight out of the oven since a few weeks ago.

Another thing about dad being gone - we can keep the clutter to a minimum. Mom and I went on a cleaning spree yesterday. I did most of the computer room (have yet to do the counter here), fixed up my room since dad took the small bookshelf and so we moved the tall one up there, mowed the front lawn (Ashley did the back - in like, 5 minutes. It's crazy how fast she does it, and it's not a small yard either). So our house is spiffied up, dusted, all that. Needs vacuuming and a few more things - oh, and I need to till up the dirt where the pool was and we need some grass seed to put down... I have a plethora of things I need to do and haven't done just yet. Random stuff keeps getting in the way, but it happens. So much to do, and it's already September. Man, the last weeks of August went by WHOOSH! Speaking of September, who wants to give me all the details about this September 9th Tailgate? I hear Anthony is in charge, but I don't have the boy's email. Either way, I do plan on coming (I'd have to have the excuse of either dying or someone I know dying not to come now, what with transportation and all). Besides, I've been told so. According to Derek's last little post in my bloggy here, "Be there or suck." I fuckin' almost died laughing.

At least I'm back in my normal mood again. That makes me happiest.

*rocks out to Blues Brothers music* "Bend over, let me see you shake a the twist!"

Begone Clutter!
3 Responses
  1. Megan Says:

    Apparently, the Sept. 9th thingy has been cancelled due to Anthony's "family obligations" or something. I just found this out the other day. He did reschedule it to September 16th, but I can't go to it then and neither can Derek. I've got this work thing and he volunteered to help out too. I hope I get to see you at some point soon though!

  2. Derek Says:

    Looks like we all suck, but Anthony has caused the suckosity.

  3. Stacey Says:

    Remember to change your oil every 3,000 miles (or every 3 months, whichever comes first) and to rotate your tires every 6,000. You should get a tune-up at least once a year and it wouldn't hurt to have the transmission fluid flushed. Heh. Did I mention how expensive cars can be? It ususally costs around $30 to change your oil. ALWAYS do it. Mom drove around for a whole year with dirty oil and wondered what the hell was wrong with the Buick.