I have been diagnosed with Creepy Car Curse - which means I am Car Impaired.

"So what kind of car karma do you have that this keeps happening?"

That's what my mom asked me today on our way back from Champaign. You see, I visited Carsoup the other day and found a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE for $4800 with 71,000 miles on it. Sounds great right? That's what I thought. I'd done the research and everything. So we went over to the house today to check it out. The guy who owns it is in Florida right now going to school, so we dealt with his mom. Nice lady. Very pleasant. I took it for a spin, enjoyed, everything worked nicely, she had all the paperwork that he'd kept in a file, from oil changes, to the work that was done when he was rear-ended. No real need for a Carfax because everything was right there. Even the date he'd last rotated his tires. Obviously a kid who takes care of his baby. This is a good thing.

The problem is that when we said, "Yay, we'll go ahead and take the car," she called him up to find out the best way to handle the transaction since he still had payments to make on the car and all that jazz. This is where my bad car karma (or Creepy Car Curse) kicks in. Turns out he just gets accepted for some internship and decides he no longer wants to sell the car. According to him, he'll need it down there in Florida (though why he didn't just take it down there in the first place is beyond me) and can't sell it to me. He's coming up in a couple of weeks and plans to take it back with him.

Yeah. W t f.

His mom is embarrassed and I wouldn't be surprised if she called him back after we left to give him a piece of her mind. She made him tell me himself that he couldn't sell it and said later in a terse voice, "Well could you please take it off Carsoup then?"

I want to kill myself.

Actually I don't, it's jus too ironic for me to even be pissed about. I know you might think I'm making this up or that I say this kind of stuff all the time, but another reason I'm not even mad or even horrifically surprised is because in some way I sort of saw this coming. Not that the kid would call up and reneg, but that something weird would happen and I wouldn't get the car. Like it was too good to be true or something. I don't know. I never have normal stories.

I'm starting to really get weirded out by all my car failure though. First the Tracker. Then the Kia. Then the Focus. I could include the Sentra, but that's sort of iffy. And now the Sunfire. Something is really wrong here. I may sound a little overdramatic but it tugs at me. Too weird to ignore. That's why the idea of possibly going down to visit Nick to have him help me search scares me. Not the going down there part, not the search part, but the driving back up part. Like maybe something would happen that would take that car away from me too. Maybe I'm paranoid, I don't know, but it freaks me out. It's not even the long drive thought, it's like a specific "something happening" thought. I can't explain it. You can all just think I'm weird. But I don't freak out when I drive mom's car. Granted, I'm still paranoid, checking and double checking and sometimes triple checking the road before I turn, being anal about speed limits (well sort of - I never go faster than 5 miles over the limit), stuff like that. But again, I dunno.

Another weird story for you to chew on, discuss. Does someone upstairs really have a plan for me that involves a lack of a vehicle? Or is this just a really weird, weird string of abnormal coincidences?

You tell me, because I have no fraking clue.

The car that was not to be.