As the world continues. Quite dull, actually. My mood matches nicely with the weather.

I finally have a job at Kohl's. I'm not all that excited because it means more retail, and not just retail this time, but I have to work the register when necessary. *pukes* I had a goal in life to avoid learning how to use a register. Mostly because that's where people get bitchy the most. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that much crap - I'm going to hide out in the clothes as much as possible and just do my thing. Leave me alone - I only have this job so I can pay my school bills. I don't care about the company the way you want me to and I'm not staying here forever, I can guarentee you that.

That's pretty much my only saving grace. That I'm not going to be here forever. 3-4 months at most, after that I'm out of here. End of story. This house needs to get sold or even mom will go insane from being here too long. Besides, I still have a trump card up my sleeve that few people know about, mostly because...well I don't really have a reason for not presenting it, I just don't want to go flaunting around when there's the possibility something better might come along.

But I'm being cryptic again. Sorry. Anyway, I've been training on their little computer and today I have to go in from 5-10:30 and I guess I'll just be playing around in the department all day. Which is fine. We haven't learned to use the registers yet so yay on that. I feel like some stupid kid because I have to go through all this training. *rolls eyes* I know how to put clothes back on racks, I know how to fold shirts and pants and size them and blah blah blah. Been there, done that. *snort* But whatever. I'm getting paid to do all this training crap so whatever. Put it on my bill. Working here does mean I need a few more pairs of pants though, which is kind of annoying. I don't like buying stuff if I don't super-need it (as you are all aware). Which is why I'll try and find pants I can use all the time. Don't usually waltz around in black slacks, but I figure I might as well get a pair since there are times when I think, "Hmm, I could really use a pair of nice black pants..."

*sigh* I'm tired. And tomorrow mom is going to PA to visit dad and she'll be there until the 18th. So I'll be head of the house, taking Ashley to school every morning and then going to work whenever they schedule me at night, going to the grocery for food etc. etc. 2007 has been good so far, but I'm ready for some sunshine. The snow was fun, but it melted pretty fast and now it's just gross out. Piles of frozen over snow and the weather somewhere between ice and rain. Yuck. There are times when I don't mind it here, but others I get bummed. I like the open space and I like my immediate living area (riding my bike to the lake, library, etc.) and the mall is nice (except Vanity is now gone so if I'm that hard up for a pair of jeans I might go to Bloomington to get them...), but I miss my trees. I want the mountains. I want some hills and some quiet space and dammit I want something published.

It was nice to get comments on my last post. Good to know people are still reading this from time to time. Even if I am a loser and I don't email you back. Oi. 2.5 hours until I have to go. Ugh. I can feel my intestines crunching up...I seem to get an over-amount of internal anxiety even if I don't feel particularly anxious. I think it's just in anticipation of doing something I do not want to do. But at least now I can feel more productive and my dad can leave me alone about the job thing now and I won't be sucking life out of my family anymore (which basically just comes down to food - and electricity and water if you want to get really technical - even though I've been paying for everything of mine so far as it is aside from maybe one car insurance payment).

At least I get Friday off this week.

2 Responses
  1. Derek Says:

    BYAR! This here be a comment. Um..that's about all I got. Here's a fun fact: Michael Nelson (of MST3K fame) joined the Something Awful forums(which I'm a member of). I'm almost interacting with a lesser-known celebrity over the internet! Yay me.

  2. Megan Says:

    You have Friday off? Like, as in today? You suck, I wanted today off :( Oh well, at least I get next Friday off X-P