Shutters usually go "click" or something like that. Mom's camera is old. When we got it, it was hot stuff. Now it's kinda gone the way of camera-dinosaur land. That's why some of these pictures look like crap; the flash didn't go off. They've been toyed with by me in an attempt to make them go from "brown finish" to "semi-respectable." Obviously the outdoor pictures went well, as did the pictures where the flash decided to grace us with its presense. (and yes, that purple has been colored on to the cake - it used to be brown from the dumb camera. Just trying to help things out).

Don't mind me... Er, don't mind the dog either...

Mah car! And what mah hair looks like from the back (if you care)

That's how much hair I chopped off. Momma's 3rd cake.

My 3rd cake (roses = hard to do)

The collaborative 2nd cake. Mom's 1st cake.

And of course, my infamous 1st cake. Yes - it says "CAKE" on it. And yes, it was awesome.
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  1. Stacey Says:

    Those pictures are tiny. Got any of the house in PA ?