It's hot.

"Oh, in Pennsylvania most of the houses don't have air conditioners because it never gets hot enough to use them."

Um, no. When you live on a busy street where the sun has all day to cook the asphalt and steam the trees and your house is conveniently located in a spot where the wind (if there is any at all) has a hard time getting to the windows, air conditioning will start to sound pretty kick ass.

Especially when your room is upstairs. I'm hot right now and I'm not even on my computer, which is in my room. On carpet, no less. I don't want to turn it on for fear of it overheating at some point. It sucks. I've been saying I'm good to go, that I'm used to being in a hot room, but geez, at least when I was in my box at school I did have the option of a/c and in the winter I could open up a window. Here the options are slim to none.

I can't write here. I realized that today. Aside from the constant distractions (TV too close to the dining room, computer in the office, upstairs desk small with a monitor right in front of my face even if it is off), the heat just sucks the energy right out of you. I scraped together a Prologue today (changing my beginning yet again, though when I looked I realized I'd only technically changed it twice before now.....and apparently I have a pirate outside my house because I just heard a very charismatic "Ha haa!"), but that's the extent of my work for now. 2 pages and I'm just too sweaty and gross to continue. And the weird thing is that even now that it's dark out, it seems hotter. I just don't get it. The poor dog has been panting all day. It's gotta suck to have a fur coat in June with no a/c.

About the writing, I've decided that I'll have to go out other places to get it done. Wegman's. Barnes & Noble. Some other little coffee shop or cafe I find in order to write. I need semi-distraction. I once went to a library and found myself all on my own and kept zoning out. At a more public place you're sort of forced to look productive or look wierd, and you can't exactly get up and wander around either for fear of your stuff going missing (you can always carry it with you but then you look kind of odd again, especially in a small place).

I think tomorrow I'll go on a library escapade and look for the books I need for this term. Maybe I'll hang out there for a while and soak up the a/c I know they'll have...

A short blog entry, I know, and I thought I had more to say, and I might have, if I weren't so hot and freaking sticky in this house...

I'll take one of these...or a pool
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