So what do I do when I'm not reading Harry Potter and making outlandish (or maybe not - who knows? I'm not done reading yet) allegations about what will happen or what's happening:

Harry is a Horcrux!
Godric Gryffindor's sword is the Elder Wand!
Dumbledore has the Elder Wand!
Both Voldemort and Harry are going to die! (or not!)
OMG did they just kill so-and-so?!

Or when I'm not lazing around trying to think of something to do that will amuse me even though I have a whole bunch of other things I should be doing like writing $35 worth of articles or job hunting/resume submitting or writing or reading a required book that is actually sitting right next to me as we speak and due back on 8/6?

I search the Internet for useless crap. You should consider that your warning because the rest of this particular blog entry is going to be full of utterly useless crap. Unless you're a dork like me, in which case never mind.

Now, I don't remember how exactly this whole thing started, even if it did just happen a few days ago, but I was looking for something or had a sudden influx of nostalgia or something, but I ended up at the Internet Movie Database looking up the old Nickelodeon show, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Even now, looking through my internet history, I can't figure it out. Anyway, whatever the reason was, from there I went to YouTube seeing of there were any episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? listed on there. Mostly because I'd visited the IMDB forum about the "scariest episodes" and found two that I hadn't seen before and wanted to check them out if all possible. Joy of joys, there are some. I remembered thinking the leader of the Midnight Society, Gary, was kind of cute and got to thinking, "I wonder what he looks like now?" He's, ah, not bad. Heheh. I scrolled through his credits and found something that got me squealing in delight (and yeah, I do tend to squeal like an excited 15 year old sometimes); he'd popped up in Stargate Atlantis. As I made to find out where, I found out I actually remembered him. I found the episode on YouTube (probably by sheer luck it hadn't been deleted or something) and sure enough, there he was. Sweet.

Today, after watching one (and having watched several the nights before just for kicks), AYAOTD episode, a thought popped back in my head that had occurred to me earlier. Ross Hull (Gary), AYAOTD, and Atlantis all had Canadian ties. Which means the actors could have easily circulated around. One guy surfaced in my brain and the more I thought about it, the more I was certain I was right. There's one AYAOTD episode called "The Tale of the Dark Dragon" that I'd always thought was super cute. Not scary, just "Awwww!" cute. To add to that, the main guy in the story, Keith, was also very "Awwww!" cute. What I'd realized was the guy playing Keith might actually be a character in Atlantis as well, and when I compared their faces in my mind, I was certain of it.

Sure enough, thanks again to IMDB, I was right (WA-POW!). Chuck Campbell was the cutie Keith and is also in Atlantis. A lot. 31 episodes so far, in fact. Funny thing is, he doesn't have a name in that show. Hahaha. ("DO I!? DO I?!") He's just "Technician." Nyahah. Funny how he's made it this far. Anyway, yeah, he's pretty damn cute too. And sweet googly-moogly do I love being right. And I love non-important actors (as in, they're not surrounded by Paparazzi and they're not freaking in your face all the time like 99% those freaks in Hollywood). To Chuck's extra credit, I always thought that episode was one of the better acted episodes of that series. It didn't seen quite as hokey. He and Cara Pifko (girl playing Mariah) were really good. Fun times even though I'm sure you don't care. However, I did also come to an interesting realization:

Hot damn, some of these Canadian boys are cute!

Yay Keith! Hahaha!
2 Responses
  1. Teejay Says:

    Hey Nicole,
    I just read your comment on Chuck Campbell's website, which I run for him. He will be so pleased to hear you recognized him from way back when! Just a snippet of info for you ~ he does actually have a name now in Atlantis. He's called Chuck!! Elizabeth Weir said, "Yes Chuck?" to him when he walked into her office one day. Whether it was deliberate or not we don't know, but at least the poor guy's got a name now, even if it is his own!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Haha, you know, I read about that, but I didn't know if they'd ever made it official or not. Either way, works for me! But he still needs a last name to be more safe...then again that didn't work for Ford or Beckett (poor Beckett, I do so miss him) so maybe having just one name will be okay. XD