Yes, this is what happens when I am not just bored, but exceedingly bored. In truth, I'm procrastinating. I could be working on my book, hell, I could even be writing another article for my random freelance job, but no, I'm here doing what I do best. Ramble about basically nothing.

I could talk about Transformers and how that movie was awesome, I think Shia LaBeouf is cute even though he is two years younger than me...wait, really? Hmm... Anyway, I say if a guy has even a crappy car and it turns into a robot, I'm all yours. Haha. Apart from some stupid moments and parts that could easily be cut to make the movie way better, it was pretty fantastic - and I want the soundtrack. The last time I wanted a soundtrack that bad was when Pirates 2 came out. I do have to say that it was a little anti-climatic. I have two ideas for better endings:

Better Ending 1: After the bit o'catalyst (don't want to spoil it just in case), I think Megatron should have gotten super powerful and then basically self destructed in a really cool explosion or meltdown.

Better Ending 2: Along the lines of exploding in a large manner (and forgetting the whole Shredder on Ooze part), since he's going to blow up mid-city, Optimus Prime should grab a leg and chuck him into the sky, allowing for a fantastic Megatron fireworks display. I mean, come on, with all the crazy stuff that goes on you might as well cap it off with a fanfare-like ending.

I could talk about sex and how I agree - the shoes need to come off first otherwise it just looks stupid. I could talk about some porn I found and how that girl was totally playing for the camera which made it lame but at least that guy was totally hot. Amusing for a moment - which sort of reminds me. I still think it's funny that people raising their hands for threesomes is not gasp-worthy and yet when I say I would be cool with posing nude for art and getting paid to do it, everyone freaks out. And by the way, a few years back I totally considered doing so when I saw an ad requesting models for Parkland...or maybe it was the U of I? I don't remember, but I thought about it.

On a totally separate note (and I do mean totally), I was observing my dog one day and started to think. She was just lying there, panting away since it was once again hot in the house, and I started staring at her white canine teeth and it came upon me - I have an animal with very sharp teeth just lying in the middle of my floor. I know, she's not a threat and she's not wild, but it does seem like a weird concept when you think about it. A far descendent of a wild animal (wolf) is sitting in my room...just hanging out with me. It doesn't seem so weird with snakes and tarantulas as most of the time they're in their cage and they're still pretty wild, but with other animals that you can let them run around even though they carry the potential to mangle you if they so chose. You could take Kahn as a good example. He was our last dog, a big black Doberman who decided to challenge dad for the position of alpha male. Obviously that didn't go over well. Of course we don't often think of these things since our dog is the nice dog (not counting dogs that are bred for fighting or treated/neglected to the point of meanness) but it's just a weird concept when you think about it long enough. ...Sort of how if you think of a certain word long enough it just sounds strange. Like...bleachers. Have fun pondering that.

Omg, porn is funny.
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  1. Will Says:

    Better to ramble here than in your head like I do, you can at least call it a writing exercise, haha.

    Question: This didn't hit me until a few days after I saw the movie and I want to go see it again to check, but I think that there were still decepticons alive when Megatron dies, but they disappear after. Did I just miss them all dying cause I was caught up in the action?

    I persoanlly think they left it a little anti-climatic so they can bring Unicron in the sequeal and have him recreate Meagtron into Galvatron.

    That whole sex thing that went on that night was a lot of nonsense, I think. Like you said, the absurd difference of a reaction to you modeling and the number of people willing to go into a threesome was just a one of the things that at times made it seem like a farce. Really, it was just a self affirmation session for most of the people, some actually thought it was a discussion on sex, and then there was people like me that just sat and watched as those unfortable about sex and those that are clash. I mean, think about how many times a version of, "I like different things than you and that is ok. The ony think that should matter to you is what are comfortable doing" was said. I think a good third of that conversation was just that being repeated and explained.

    I've found that sex is almost a useless topic to talk about in a large group because of the hard set ideas people have of what they believe is ok and what isn't, like politics and religion, people tend to form up into groups of common ideas tht they will not give up and challenge them selves to hear and understand the other side and ask, "Do I still believe in what I did ten minutes ago."

    Pets are weird, especially if you go back through the history and how people started selecting attributes and started to my genetists to create each of the breeds of cats and dogs and yeat they all really start from one breed that ws the most docile. Another weird concept is the idea to take a wolf, rebuild it's genetics, and then use that same wolf to guard and attack it's wild brethren. Talk about and interesting sci-fi story of you just change the wolf to man.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Answer: Yes, there were still Decepticons alive. Starscream jetted his ass back into space and Scorponok is still somewhere in Qatar, hopefully killing terrorists to pass the time. Heheh.

    Heh - selective human breeding. An interesting thought and something I think we're starting to look at, sort of like that one movie. Gattica I believe it was.

  3. Stacey Says:

    Shredder on Ooze. Nice description. No wonder Megatron seemed so.......familiar.

    And what about porn? ...ew.