Not like I'm going to go in any order, just fyi. Anyway, now that Megan got her letter (which was surprisingly fast, by the way, quite shocked) and as I sit here listening to the Dune soundtrack (original Dune - and yes, total soundtrack junkie remember), I can inform everyone who cares of some happy fun-time stuff.

First off, and most importantly, my sister is going to get married (huzzah!). Yep, she's got the ring on her finger (and a damn nice ring too, I might add) and the plan is to have it all go down in October of 2009. And let me just say, October now officially kicks more ass than any other month. I mean, it kicked major ass before, but now it's even better. Come on, my birthday, my sister's wedding, Halloween, autumn? You just can't go wrong with October. Freaking love that month.

Anyway, we're already babbling about wedding plans, boxes of chocolates, wedding dress styles, bridesmaid dresses, who I'd walk with down the isle, who Ashley would walk with, the kind of DJing Stacey wants (with which I agree and might have to chitchat with the DJ to make sure he doesn't fuck it up - I take the duty of ensuring much of my sister's happiness seriously), decorations, and so on and so forth. It's gonna be a blast. Speaking of bridesmaid dresses, here's a list I've compiled so far so you girls can have fun in seeing what I'm looking at. At Stacey's behest, there is no need for all bridesmaids (3 of us) to wear the same thing. Especially since what looks fabulous on one person could look like total crap on another. Her only strong requests are no strapless, gown hits the floor, and have a two-toned option if possible (you know, like a dress and a little sash or something). All of these I'm easily cool with. I did strapless once and even though I was all Elizabeth Swann-style in it, I was still paranoid that it was going to slip down and I'd be in a condition to receive Mardi Gras beads. I don't like the idea of a short dress anyway - if I'm going to look extra fancy, the dress is going to be long and it's going to be kickass. And solid colors all the way through can be kind of boring - hence the dresses with the beading and fabric texture that follow. Check it out: (NOT in that color)

My favorite dress is the very first one. Second favorite is the 6th one (orange!). I'm not sure what color I'll go with, and since Stacey's going for an autumn style sort of thing, I'm thinking along the lines of deep red, orange, or the creme of the first dress.

I found out about the engagement when I got a text message during residency from Stacey basically calling me a sneaky whore or something like that. Haha. See, before moving Nick had emailed me, telling me to get her out of the house for about an hour so he could do the old-fashioned style of asking dad for her hand ("Especially since your dad owns a shotgun."). So the day before the actual moving day (they came up to pick up a sofa, if you recall the story), I told Stacey to come and walk the dog with me. Lame, I know, but it was all I had. Couldn't go get ice cream because it was too early, and there wasn't much else to do. At first she said no, which sent me into a panic because there was no Plan B. After prodding by both dad and Nick, she went and we took the camera - which reminds me, I need to send her the rest of the dumb pictures we took, and some of those in the field a few blog posts back are from that point in time - and about an hour later we got back. Nick found me a little later to show me the ring. Oooooh...pretty....single diamond, very nice size, white gold band. It's a sweet ring, let me tell you.

Switching major gears, I forgot to mention how awesome the 4th of July was. I was going to do it a day or two later, but kept forgetting or was too lazy to do it, so I might as well do it now. Rantoul, though I give them credit for what they did have, can't quite scratch the surface of State College fireworks. The main difference is that State College fireworks are bigger and there are more of them. We started out at a baseball game, dealing with rain on and off all day, and then moved on to hang out with some of dad's friends at a Cajun shrimp cookout. If you've ever seen on TV where they cook those big batches of shrimp/crawdads and then dump it out all over the table along with a few ears of corn and potatoes, that was it. I don't believe I've ever ODed on shrimp before, but that did it. When the fireworks came, everyone had their radios on, something I thought a bit strange...until the show started.

As a soundtrack junkie extraordinaire, as well as an extreme lover of good timing, I was very, very pleased. See, State College apparently does it's fireworks to music, timing the fireworks themselves to specific beats in the music. I've never had the software or means to make music videos, but if I had, they would kick ass. Instead the best I can do is choose pieces of music to match the video game I'm playing just to get more fun out of it. That's why I love good timing so much - I just think it's awesome. And these guys were damn good. Damn good. What was even more fun for me is that I was sitting there telling everyone around me which piece of music was playing. Gettysburg to start things off, the Batman theme from the first movie, I believe I heard Superman at one point, and they finished off with Back to the Future, which is a great suite but the amount of fireworks for the finale drowned out the music, sadly. It was a lot of music, and that's what I remember at the moment, but it was one of those times where I felt proud to be such a soundtrack geek. Boo-yah.

Can ya feel the magic? =P
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  1. Stacey Says:

    Wait until the Transformers score soundtrack comes out by Steve Jablonsky...right now they've got a soundtrack out with shitty bands you don't even hear in the movie, but just wait :) Good music. Seen the movie yet?

    And I've got 4 of you total, not 3...unless you weren't counting yourself.

    Also, the dress can be tea-length. Mari and Natalie want to buy a dress that they can wear again, which is understandable. Who wants to buy an expensive dress and never wear it again? So I'm pretty flexible. Although I think you and Ashley could get away with long'd be really elegant. Come to think of it, two tea-length and two hit-the-floor sounds good.



    I'll write you an email later. Today's word verification is "wumbz." Thought that was cool.

  2. Stacey Says:

    HA! This one is "vfunk." You get cool ones.

  3. Will Says:

    Wait a sister is get married in October too. I was born in October....

    Stop stealing my life, haha!

    Toto F.T.fucking.W.! Brian Eno did the Theme to Dune, though, right? Where's Dune when I need it.

    As a man that had overbearing sisters and a mother, thus learning too much about fashion for his own good and now refuses to ware more that jeans and a t-shirt (the occasional button-up tee if I want to me suave), the first would be gorgeous on you. And now I'm emasculated...

    bmiysopf? I think I got the runt of the litter

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, congrats to your sis! I can't help you on the dress thing (not just because I'm a guy, but most of the ones you listed looked decent to me, so yeah...). Anyway, ditto on the potential awesomeness of the Transformers soundtrack, if the music during the movie was any indicator. Dune soundtrack - ditto, though I don't mind the Children of Dune soundtrack, for at least a few of the songs. Anyway, have fun out east while we're stuck in Illinois. Seriously, Springfield is more lame than usual right now, which is a hard thing to accomplish... Oh well, talk to ya later!


  5. Nicole Says:

    I really want that damn Transformers score. Really, really, really want it. It's been a while since I've been so set on a soundtrack. If that doesn't come out soon I'm going to start getting pissed.

    I don't know about Brian Eno, Will. I don't see his name anywhere - even the Main Title says Toto...unless it's labeled wrong...dunno. Actually the soundtrack is kind of a letdown, not as much main title theme music as I was expecting. I'll probably review it and then get rid of most of it to make room for other music...

    And my verification word is "hayak." Wa-pow!

  6. Will Says:

    See, i like Toto for just how bad they can be. I think it is because I like Dune for the same reason. It's just so bad you love it and the music fits that premise for me. I definately wouldn't put it on a top list of any kind, it more just the Debbie Gibson or New Kids on the Block, haha! You just just have to have a sense of humor when you listen t it or else it's just horrible.

    I was looking around last night and torrent sites have the score from the video game already up and it was all composed by Jablonsky. I digged a little more and while there arn't any pieces from the movie on there, everyone that loved the movie score said that the video game is equally as good. I have a few things that I'm downloading atm, but I plan to check it out while the ait continues, I could try and get a copy of the mp3's for you if ou aren't a torrent hound like I am =P

  7. Nicole Says:

    Haha. No, I'm a major torrent hound. I saw the VG torrent too and debated about it for a bit and decided not to get it. Besides, I have a lot of junk on my comp already that I need to review and then either put on CDs or just delete if it's got bad replay value. If I get impatient enough, I'll get it though, hehe.