I've come to a very definitive conclusion today. I've said this many times before in passing, but at this point I'm pretty sure that it's true. I say pretty sure becuase who knows, there may be some miracle out there that changes my mind (though I doubt it).

The point is that I don't think I'm going to marry an American boy. No offense to any of you, I have nothing against American men, but none of you attract me the way, ah, others do. It goes back to my love of the variations of the English accent. It never fails, they make me melt in ways no guy ever really could. So here it is:

I am more likely to marry an English or Scottish guy. If not one of those two then Irish. If not Irish, Australian, and if not then perhaps Canada, though we'll just leave Canada alone for now. Yes, American guys, sorry, but I don't see myself marrying any one of you any time soon. And no, it does not count if you can do a very good English/Scottish/Irish/Australian accent. I might find it attractive, but if it's not real then it's not as much fun. And no, I do not have to be called a "lass" or whatever you geeks might be thinking. I just want the accent, the real deal, plain and simple. Those of you who have tried to get me to date boozing, insecure, fawning all over me guys are all fired.

This post doesn't have any bearing on, well, anything, I just felt the need to say it. To put it out there. *shrug* That's all. It makes me laugh because it's probably never going to happen and I'm a dork for thinking so, buuuuut I don't much give a shit. Hahahaha.

In any case, my sister once had to fly to California for her microbiology work, and almost out to Antarctica, so Stace, if they ever ask you to fly to England, Scotland, Ireland, or Australia, if you don't ask me to come with you, I will kill you upon your return.

Ok. Guess I should go do something productive now.

I crack myself up.
2 Responses
  1. Stacey Says:

    Our lab just hired a guy that's your age...He's from Johannesburg, South Africa. (Remember when I told you that South Africans were cool, because technically they're British?) Well, South Africans have their own wierd accent...almost between a mix of British and Austrailian. He's on the swim team, too. Once in awhile he comes in the office to get lab updates from me, and when he leaves, he always says, "Cheers." SO f-ing cute.

  2. Stacey Says:

    Oh yeah, and if I was going to go to Antarctica, the connecting flight was in New Zealand. That would've been worth the trip right there.