Um, ok.

Yesterday I watched the movie Premonition. It's weird, quite disappointing, and in the end, rather pointless. But now I've seen it so oh well. Anyway, if you don't know the premise of the movie, you can look it up because I'm not giving you a summary - I've got something else to put out there.

Last night I went to bed around 1am. Normal bedtime for me, really. I mention the movie because of what happened later on. When 6am rolled around, I woke up a little in order to turn over and get more comfortable as I tend to often do. The moment I rolled over I heard someone's phone ringing. Everyone has different ringtones on their phone and what confused me was that this song was "Ride of the Valkyries." And it was loud. I laid there baffled for a bit, thinking, "It's not my phone - I don't have that ringtone and it sounds like it's outside my door." I got up, poked my purse to be sure (as my phone is in my purse), and then opened my door and stuck my head out thinking maybe it was coming from Ashley's room across the way - like she was listening to music or something weird.

No. The sound was downstairs, and it was dad's phone because I could tell it was indeed a ringtone and dad's phone is always frickin' loud. It rang once more and then it stopped. The weird thing? Dad doesn't have that ringtone programmed to play on his phone when it rings. He's just got a normal ringing sound. I stood there just trying to understand wtf just happened before deciding it was just a weird...something (it was 6am I wasn't going to think real hard) and then went back to bed. That's when I looked at my clock and saw it was 6am. Then I tried to figure out who would call that early? Grandma had called last night concerning something about Granpa again. I didn't know what, but it didn't sound all that great from dad's end. And who always gets up early to putter around the house? Grandma. She was my only answer because nothing else really made sense. Heck, the ringtone didn't make sense. Finally after several uneasy thoughts I finally managed to go back to sleep.

I was not dreaming. I want to get that to you right now. I had plenty of dreams last night but that wasn't one of them. I don't dream about my dark room in that kind of detail. Not with the towel hanging on the door and my shelf and the purse on it and all that jazz. I was awake. I never dream about waking up and falling asleep. I don't dream about lying in bed with my eyes closed thinking about things. I was awake. So this morning I go downstairs and inform dad about this weird phone thing. Sure enough, he doesn't have that ringtone set on his phone. I know this. He thinks I'm weird. I'm not. I steal his phone and go through his ringtones and guess what I find? Under the word "Soaring" is the ringtone I heard. Ride of the Valkyries. Dad still thinks I'm wacked because he doesn't have that set for anything. I know, but that's what I heard. He also doesn't have any missed calls listed for 6am.

I tell mom about how I had a Premonition-like moment and explain to her. She suggests looking up dream stuff and maybe my window was open and someone walking outside. No - I was awake and A.) my window was closed, B.) I would not have heard it in that same clarity if it were, and C.) it came from downstairs, not the opposite direction where my window is. Clearly dad thinks I dreamed it and mom isn't sure (it wasn't her phone either, I checked and her phone was off and anyway, I know my phone way too much to know it wasn't hers because we have the exact same phone and they're not that loud, nor do they carry that song). This kind of pisses me off because just yesterday when we were watching the previews before the movie and they had one on where this house was haunted and the daughter knew something was wrong but the parents thought she was loopy and I was talking about how if something like that ever happened to me, if my parents didn't believe me I'd be pissed. Plenty of irony this morning.

So I don't know what happened. How that ring played. Who called this morning (I emailed my grandparents and asked). Maybe when dad goes to work out or otherwise isn't around his phone I'll snatch it and call it and not leave a message or answer it just to find out A.) what ringtone plays and B.) whether or not it will say he's got a missed call.

Either way, when I was standing there in the dim light, I considered going down and taking the phone to dad in case it really was grandma with not-so-great news or something. In retrospect, maybe it would have been a good idea as long as he got to it while it was still ringing. Otherwise I'd probably be screwed, what with the wrong ringtone and no missed call listing.

Very weird. Oh, and if you don't believe me either, then bite me.

At least I didn't have to face anyone dying. ...I hope.
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  1. Stacey Says:

    ...I don't believe you. Ha.

    At least you're not having dreams about getting shot. I'm having recurring dreams of getting shot or getting beat up. Nice.

    Er, not that you were dreaming. Since you were awake and all.