Of course, I didn't eat Thanksgiving dinner today - my sis and her man didn't arrive until late today so we're all going to chow tomorrow while all the shopping psychos do their whole 4, 5, 6am thing. Thank God I don't work at Kohl's anymore.

A funny thing. When you haven't used many of the numbers in your cell phone for, ah, quite a while, you can easily figure out who you know that still has that phone number very easily, just by sending out a mass text message. Today it's easy because you can send out the oh-so-innocuous message of "Happy Thanksgiving!" Not that I sent out the message just to see who still existed and who didn't. I was typing away happily thinking that everyone likely had the same phone number (*phone jingles* hey, there's Sandra!), except for a few that I wasn't sure of. Like Ryan. I was told by Anthony (I believe...) that he moved to Florida. I doubt he kept the same area code, haha. Unlike myself. I get 309, move back to Rantoul, then move out to PA where it's 814, but I still use the 309. I don't think I can change it, but these days with cell phones being the prime communication tool of choice, I don't think it matters much.

Anywho, the list was of about 9 people, which got me some amusing responses. Some are still with me - Megan, Derek, Sandra, and Anthony. Kudos guys. Though I guess it really just means you kept your numbers, haha. But hurrah just the same. =D Brett didn't know who I was...and after the whole stint with Christine, who actually turned out not to be Christine (further pushing the point that Natalie probably didn't have the same number because I honestly don't even remember when I put that one in my phone), even though the person I was texting apparently knew a Nikki. However, that's a bit of a giveaway because A.) she would have known who Nicole was ASAP and B.) she never calls me Nikki. At least they spelled it right. ....What was I talking about? Oh, Brett. Right. I was wondering if it really was him or the person on the other end was just "Uh, yeah, sure" but now that I've looked at it again, yeah, it's him. Haha. Katie and Jenni are still MIA. Jenni's probably with her bundle o'joy and Katie's probably partying. Well, no, maybe not. Hard to say with that one. ;D Kurt's message was pretty funny considering it sounded like he thought I might have been a guy, still, someone he knew, and apparently I also know Heather because I appeared to have talked to her. Yes, Kurt babe, I'd love to go out Saturday, but I kinda live across the country now. Nyah hah.

What started off all this texting mess was Shawn. Now, the funny thing about that is that early this morning I was in the shower randomly thinking about stuff (as I often do in the shower - I never get any story ideas in there, contrary to what a book I read said), and I thought that perhaps I should type up a blog with little shout-outs to everyone since I know email may be somewhat unreliable. Especially for some people whose email I just don't have, like Ryan's and Shawn's and whoever else might pop into my head that I'd like to say "Hey, what's happenin?!" to. Then I started thinking about the last time I'd talked to some people and how I'd left messages here and there and was trying to remember when that was. I'd last called Sandra while in a mall, having gotten there way too early and the shops were closed and the old people were walking in circles for exercise. Shawn I'd last called ah...some time ago. Before my wisdom teeth were going to be pulled - I remember rambling on about that being on my agenda. Everyone else, well, phone calls I don't even recall. Email, that's different.

So back to the beginning, I'd gotten out of the shower and several hours later was sitting on the couch, TV off, working on my grad thesis (aka SF novel) when my phone jingles next to me. Here's the weird thing - I didn't have the number in any of my contacts, but somehow it looked familiar. I recognized the area code as Sandra and my sis both have it, and I knew Shawny-boy lived in the area. I'd think it might be him and then go, "Naaaaahhhh," to myself because I didn't see much reason for him to randomly text me, that and who knew where he might actually be at this juncture in time? So of course I'm the putz asking, "Dur, who is this?" And voila! Shawn. Who'da thunk?

So yeah. A random day, with random occurrences. I'm going to go play now. Hope everyone had a good turkey day and didn't OD on food! (I'll be doing that tomorrow) I'll see about getting a decent "What I did on my vacation between the beginning of October - the end of November" blog up sooner or later. Not like I'm doing much, but ya know.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the happy thanksgiving wishes; I hope you didn't OD on food yesterday!