I was out walking with my little sister a few minutes ago, and as we headed down the street for the bike path, I suddenly remembered something funny that happened to me and my dad a while back while we were walking. I don't know if it was November or December when it happened - I just remember it was freaking cold at that point in time. For some reason that day dad decided to put on his backpack. At one point before then he'd asked if people would think it was weird if he went out wearing it. I said I didn't think so because it looked like an obvious training method (or so I thought).

Ok, so we headed out, bundled up, dad with his massive pack, hiking poles, and me bundled with my one hiking stick. We'd reached the Domino's about a block away from the house when I stop him, as a car is turning into the parking lot and he's got music on, and I don't think he's paying close attention. The car, to my bewilderment, stops in front of us and the driver rolls his window down. For the record, he looked like a completely normal guy, probably just picking up some pizza. Dad's just realizing just what's going down and we get this:

Guy: "You guys look pretty cold!"
Dad: "Yeah, it's pretty chilly out here."
Guy glances at me and then dad again: "You guys want a ride somewhere?"
Me: ?
Dad: "No, we're good. Thanks though."
Guy (a little uncertain like he's sad he can't help or something): "Ok then. Take care!"
Dad: "Sure. Thanks."

It was a friendly exchange and the guy rolled up his window and pulled forward, we continued our walk and he eventually went to get his pizza. Dad just kept moseying on like no big deal, but I thought the whole incident was kind of random until suddenly I thought about what we looked like and I laughed and poked Dad.

"Dude, I think that guy thought we were homeless!"

I mean, think about it. We're all wrapped up in coats and fleece, walking sticks, dad with a scruffy goatee, carrying a big backpack. That has all the potential of homeless father and daughter with the father carrying all their worldly possessions as they trek across the city/state/country/whatever. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced the guy was trying to be a good Samaritan and give us a lift in his warm car to wherever we were headed.

I've been called Jenna and Elizabeth, been told I walk like a pimp, been confused for a guy (Halloween costume), thought to be 14 when I was 16, 21 when I was 24, and perhaps an alien.

And now I've been thought to be homeless.


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