I'm sorry, but I've just gotta get this out.

Ok, so yesterday Tim Russert died. Now it's going to be on the news for at least a week. I'll be flipping, land on a news channel and say, "Yes, Tim Russert is still dead."

Whatever. Now at B&N people are going to be coming in to buy one or both of his books - demand will be ridiculous and we can't order any in because you know what? We never sold enough while he was alive so we didn't carry any in the distribution centers but OH all of a sudden because the man is dead everyone and their grandma is going to want a copy. Tough shit because we won't have it.

But here's what really got my goat about 5 seconds ago. On the MSN homepage I see a picture of Russert and next to that is someone's quote: "A Loss for the Entire Nation."

No. No it's not.

To be fair, it sucks for all those close to him, family, friends, and whatnot, but the entire nation? Give me a fucking break. I didn't give a shit about Tim Russert and you know what? When my father dies, do you think anyone but friends and family are going to give a shit? My father is trying to help children with disabilities and what did Russert do? Interview politicians and deliver news. Did I ever watch him? No. I can't stand it when people generalize like that and when someone is made out to be the best damn human being in the world after they die. Why is it such a big deal when a celebrity dies? Why the fuck do people care?

You know, the only time I was ever actually bummed to hear of someone famous who died was Steve Irwin. That's because Steve did truly productive things with his life, helping animals and teaching people about them. But here, Russert is not a loss for the entire nation. I don't care at all, so that statment is automatically false. I also don't care if I sound really rude right now. Yes, while Russert himself can't be replaced, especially for friends and family which is where his death actually matters, for the rest of the nation, people will forget after a week and guess what? A new journalist will take his spot and the world will still turn. I just don't see why people who didn't know him personally keep saying, "Omg, it's such a tragedy" or "I'm so devastated" or "America will miss him." Shut the hell up. Geez. The Holocaust was a fucking tragedy, okay? 9/11 was devastating. America won't give a rat's ass once they stop playing the story on the news. Tim Russert dying, while it sucks, is no different or special than the death of any other person who does something useful in the world.

I'm not saying I'm cool that he died. I'm not saying I laughed when I heard the news or something equally heartless. I'm just saying that I think it's ridiculous people react this way to one man's death when countless other people in the country who are just as important die every day and not a second thought is given to that.

Ugh, please. Give me a break.
2 Responses
  1. Sandra Dee Says:

    wow...I felt the emotion in that one! BTW...was at the High Dive a few weeks ago. Did you know they have a country night?!? It was nuts!!!! Although those Champaign folk wouldn't know how to line dance if one came up and bit 'em in the butt. :-P

  2. Megan Says:

    Totally agree with you- I mean, the only reason people get so "upset" over this is because he's a familiar face on the news. If I was a familiar face on the news, they'd miss me too (in about a hundred billion years whenever I croak, haha). But seriously, that's the only reason. He's familiar and comforting, and people don't like change. Like, I get pissed when they bring new actors in on Gray's Anatomy and take away faves, like Addison! People like consistency, and a death of someone they watch every weekend is a disruption to that consistency. That's my opinion 8-)