I really do plan on writing a longer post at some point. Really!

Anywho, in case you didn't notice, I've revamped the links at the side. Half you guys don't do jack to your blogs or sites or whatever and I've added in my Seton Hill peeps in support of them and also to try and pimp them out as much as possible (every little bit of exposure helps) for their current/future writing careers. The list is small now, but I'm sure as people throw their sites at me, it'll grow to a sizeable amount.

Things to look forward to (ok, seriously, I'll write it down in my planner and make myself sit down and do this things somewhere in a gap in time in the future): The Seton Hill residency that includes a paper battle, aliens, and chupacabras, overall goings on in my life, and my brief yet interesting escapade with a large pane of glass. I feel like I'm missing something but maybe that's it. *shrug*

Currently: Eh?? I have how long till my deadline?! (actually no, I'm not worried at all, which is a really, really big change for me)