I'm a big fat liar.

Ok, so I'm obviously never going to write about residency. It's long gone by now and I don't think any of you really care anyway, and the rest of you were there so you know how it went down. If anyone really wants to know about the battle (which was really just a massive attack with bread and napkins - mostly napkins) you can email me and ask. I'm not even sure who reads this these days - I know a handful of you do, though who knows? Readership may have dropped off from my long leave of absence.

Nothing major is going on in my life. As usual. I eat, I sleep, I work, I get my car fixed, I eat a lot more chocolate than I ought to, I write, I indulge in music, I read. Speaking of which I need to go to the library still. Maybe I'll do that Thursday.

So yeah. That's my update. Not very inspiring is it? I don't even have anything to ramble about. The birthday has come and gone and involved cake, books, DVDs...and I think that's all I bought so far.

And for those of you paying attention to my progress, the book is almost done. Woot.

Currently: Yeah, I dunno.
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