There are other things I should be doing. "Should" being the operative word here. The word I'm not supposed to use according to Neil Fiore. It has to do with procrastination. But I'm not really procrastinating the things I have in my brain because they're not really important and procrastinating them doesn't have any major affect on my life. See below:

Should be writing reviews. That way I can get rid of the Blood+ anime on my computer and free up some much needed disk space.

Should crap what was it? Not writing, I'm doing that tomorrow. Technically I guess writing could fall into the "should" area but I refuse to let it. No, there was something else...

Ah forget it, I can't remember.

Anyway, I seem to have fallen into some sort of 80s loop lately. It started off with a really bad movie which I'm almost afraid to list out of pure shame (though I'll review it sooner or later so everyone'll find out) - no wait, that's not quite true. Jeff Goldblum started it off. See, he's going to be on Law and Order (one of them anyway) as a cop and that got me all "goody-goody-gumdrops" because I haven't seen Jeff in quite some time and I rather enjoy the man. Then I started thinking about other random things related to Jeffy and then in that weird movie-premonition thing my sister rubbed off on me, one day dad was flipping and landed on Encore - one of the scrambled channels (though it's really not all that bad - I've watched entire movies in light fuzz from time to time when there's nothing else on) - and for shits and giggles sometimes we wait to see if we can figure out what's playing. ...Or rather I think he lingers on it so he can see if I can figure out what's playing (and sadly with my movie knowledge, more often than not, I can). Whatever the case, I soon started cracking up even as he asked, "Is this that one weird movie...Earth Girls Are Easy?" Yes. Yes it was. GOD every time I think of that movie I start laughing my ass off because it is so bad. I mean, retardedly lame. The whole thing is just...awkward. And even though I'm ashamed to say I like it, I'm still enough of an idiot to say if you haven't watched it, you ought to. Just...because. Seriously.

Of course, we didn't watch it in fuzz. Dad's too impatient for that. But I remembered that even though I've never been particularly tickled by Jeff Goldblum, I clearly remembered that he was hot in that movie. Yeah. Shut up. Don't ask me how this happens. Sooo then I had this annoying need to watch the movie scramble-free just so I could see Jeff step out of...I think it was a tanning booth...looking fine. And I did. And it was good. Too bad he's 56 now. Yeah. And he still looks good. I don't mean the "I wanna jump his bones" good, I mean he's still handsome. Surprisingly handsome, actually. ........... Er, anyway, he still looks good. Hey, shut up. I know what you're thinking, reader o'mine, and you can just stop. I know every one of you has someone older that you still think is hot. Bruce Willis still looks really good. Besides, Sandra thinks Jack Nicholson is hot so the rest of you can kiss my butt. >;D

Adding to the 80s drivel is my sudden awakening to A-ha, which, much to my chagrin (well, sort of), a girl younger than me remembered while I stood there like, "Yeah, the song goes like this..." Course, I suck at remembering bands even now. I'll forget who the hell sang what while looking for it in Winamp so I guess I have no reason to feel like an idiot. Besides, I was what, 3? when that band was be-bopping around? I rediscovered them while at the VGCats website and watched the Take On Me - Literal Video Version. ("Is this your house??") Well done singing, I must say. So then I started perusing more A-ha and found "Hunting High and Low" and watched the video and got all girly because it works so well for a new idea I've had which was, ironically enough, inspired by Labyrinth, more 80s goodness.

Buuut my current fixation is Jeff Goldblum. Not so much for hotness...I know, you're all weirding out aren't you? Don't worry, it's not like I'm fantasizing or anything. Though I do still need help. Probably because I need a man. *sigh* Cripes. Let's not get into that, shall we? Otherwise I'll just go on forever, and ever, and ever, and ever............

SO. Jeff. I'd already made up my mind long before any of this went down that I wanted to see that Law and Order show, mostly because I wanted to see how he was as a cop. Note that I used the past tense of "want" in that sentence. While on IMDB, I found him as Detective Michael Raines...but there was no mention of his new Law and Order stint. I did a bit of looking around and apparently last year in March NBC came out with a show called Raines in which Jeff is a detective who happens to solve cases whilst conversing with dead people - except they're not ghosts so much as really vivid figments of his imagination, so it's not like they just show up and say, "Oh by the way, so-and-so killed me." Sadly, the show only lasted 8 episodes before it disappeared. Not surprising. Why? Well, if you use as any sort of example, you can see people giving the show ratings of 10 out of 10 and nothing below an 8 for each episode on average. Yet it went off while shitty shows remain on. Kind of like The Class. That show was freaking funny, and yet it got canceled while a really UNfunny show like Till Death mananged to drag on for two seasons. Frankly, I think it was poor advertising on NBC's part, which I don't understand. A star like Jeff Goldblum getting his own show on prime time television? Where the hell did you people go? What were you smoking?

And why am I defending this show? Because I've seen two episodes of it already and honestly, if I'd seen it while it was on TV, I'd make a point to watch it every night. Though things seem to fall in place a bit easily (there's something about the plots that seem simple to put together or something, it's hard to put my finger on it), it's interesting. I keep watching not just to find out the whodunit, but also because it's fun to watch Jeff as a cop - sorry, detective - pulling a gun on people and wearing a bullet proof vest. Madeline Stowe is in the show too as a psychiatrist who's got to work with Raines because one of the other cops saw him talking to himself (which he is essnetially doing), though so far his character's been pretty much an ass to her. It's The whole show I mean. I don't watch the other cop shows because they're bummy and just...I dunno...meh. Snippets of police procedure that may or may not be correct. Though I do admit I have watched a handful of episodes of the SVU one because it had Ice-T and I liked the other two main characters - one of which I didn't realize had played Casey Jones until my dad pointed it out. Casey - from hockey stick toting vigilante to high-ranking cop. Good form.

IMDB has the full episodes of Raines, though they are missing...well wait, maybe they're not missing anything. doesn't have any information on the supposed episode 8...and episode 7 claims to be the season finale so who knows? Either way, if you're interested you can judge for yourself.

I think that's all I really have to ramble about. I'm sure this entry's getting pretty long by now. See? I always write more when I'm not expected to. I should just go with the whole spontaneity thing. Oh, before I do go, I should introduce you to my newfound joys of life - Troy and Jerry. No, I'm not dating two guys (as though you thought that anyway). I listened to Bob and Tom while going to work in Illinois and other than that, the radio stations pretty much sucked ass. But here, oh dear sweet Lord I'm saved. 103.1 is my love, with all that is awesome rock, and most of it's new stuff. Not like that crap rock station in Champaign 107.1. Troy and Jerry are both mildly insane, love the UFC (kickass!), and aren't afraid to say shit that in many cases would get you yelled at by someone. Want an example? Ok, you asked for it. Retarded people who have killed someone have lost their usefulness in society. I'll let you guess where that went. You can listen to their past broadcasts through that link. Some days are better than others. Like the one that had me and my mom laughing our asses off - it was like a brief make fun of white trash radio show. They were basically acting out what had happened at a trailer park when someone not even involved with the domestic dispute ended up getting arrested.

Ok, I think that's really it this time. I'll up date my crazy link section now, provided Geocities isn't a bitch. Then maybe I'll watch some more Raines and do some reviews. I don't work tomorrow JACKPOT so I'll get to stay up late (whoohoo!) and do some stuff before I wake up tomorrow and finish my book or at least finish the majority of the massive battle. It's due the 30th but with the way things have been going this semester, it doesn't really matter. Haha.

And if you're ever bored, I highly recommend this.


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