It annoys the hell out of me when people assume they know what I am when they see me. A fragile little blond girl who probably doesn't do much and shops and isn't informed.

So, to the universe and anyone who's ever thought that about me - fuck you.

(Yet another reason why this blog is rated NC-17)

I was out today chopping wood and happened to be on my last piece which, of course, was a nasty chunk with some hidden knots in it. We've got an ax but when knots come into play, we bought a wedge and a small sledgehammer to beat the wedge into the wood and force said chunk of wood to scream mercy and crack. So here I am, minding my own business and hammering steadily at the wedge which by the way is almost through, when I hear some guy go "Excuse me!" and look up to see him traipsing through our front yard like he's thinking of coming right into the back with me but he stops right at our little gate.

"Are you trying to chop some wood?"
At first I'm thinking he lives nearby and the hammering is kind of loud and he wants me to tone it down or something so I say, "This is my last piece."
"What are you using?"
Uhm... "Well I've got the wedge here and this small sledgehammer..." Why is he asking this?
"You should get a maul. It's made for chopping wood."

I kind of flatline because I don't know wtf this has to do with anything because right next to me is this massive pile of kindling and decent sized chunks for the fireplace so I kind of nod and go, "Okay." I guess Mr. Dude also failed to see the ax shining in the porch light. And for the record, I know what a maul is. What I should have told him was, "Yeah, I know that. But when we went to Home Depot to get one, they were all out so we just settled on this." Besides, even with the maul, made for wood or no, some of this crap is still really knotted, hence the whole wedge-sledgehammer thing, which is exactly what the wedge was made for.

I'm sure he was just trying to be nice and helpful, but quickly after I felt rather indignant. I get the feeling he saw some little blond girl in her black leather jacket (fake leather and yeah, I was lazy and didn't care what I wore - I've chopped wood in nicer clothes and probably looked really weird doing it but seriously, it's not that dirty a job) hammering away at a big chunk of wood and thought I had no idea what I was doing and was just making it up as I went along or something. It just bugged me. We have an ax, and maybe if you'd come along five minutes earlier you'd have seen me using it and using it well I might add. One good swing and BAM! Two pieces of wood. I picked out some real nice ones today that split with one chop. Easiest wood chopping day I've had yet, actually. Maybe I should have gotten up and shown him the ax and then held out my hands and been like, "I'm not stupid, I've done this before, as you can see by the little calluses beginning to form for this year."

Grr. I just hate it when people think I'm weak. It's one of the few things on this Earth that drives me nuts. You know, I used to want to mow the lawn just to prove to my dad that I could. After a while, I knew I didn't have to prove it by then, but then at that point he figured I was old enough (not strong enough, old enough mind you) to mow the lawn and I didn't want to do it anymore.


So that's my rant for the week. A bit unnecessary, but I had to get it out. Just something that bugged me (obviously).

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Ah, there are so many things I'd like to say, most of them so far gone down the road of politically incorrect (like "There, America has elected a black person, now all you racist fucks can shut the hell up."). Suffice to say I hope everyone realizes that Jesus Obama will not heal the country with some magic touch like he promises. Every candidate promises the same thing. We've been promised energy independence since Reagan. And before you start jumping to conclusions about what I believe in when you have no idea, leaving defensive or ugly comments and so forth, let me enlighten you.

Politicians, all of them, are essentially scum. If you don't think that even in the remotest of senses, you're a complete fool. Politics means power and if you don't think that half (or probably more) of Congress and everyone else chosen to an office doesn't think of you or the people of your state when they vote for bills and so on, you're a fool. That's why it's scary when people run after candidates like lemmings toward a cliff. I think readers and writers of science fiction who pay close attention can easily get freaked out. It's like watching the reality of a world, or for now just the nation, get stalked by 1984. I could go into details, but I'll just get all worked up and want to throw things.

Why the hell do you think I write fantasy and SF and even dabble in romance and horror?

Anyway, my early prediction for the future is that gas will go up again. Hope everyone has enjoyed their $2.something gallons. It was nice while it lasted.

On a lighter note, head over to Alternative Ramblings to hear about my latest writing escapades. I promise you it's good stuff. :)

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