Ah, there are so many things I'd like to say, most of them so far gone down the road of politically incorrect (like "There, America has elected a black person, now all you racist fucks can shut the hell up."). Suffice to say I hope everyone realizes that Jesus Obama will not heal the country with some magic touch like he promises. Every candidate promises the same thing. We've been promised energy independence since Reagan. And before you start jumping to conclusions about what I believe in when you have no idea, leaving defensive or ugly comments and so forth, let me enlighten you.

Politicians, all of them, are essentially scum. If you don't think that even in the remotest of senses, you're a complete fool. Politics means power and if you don't think that half (or probably more) of Congress and everyone else chosen to an office doesn't think of you or the people of your state when they vote for bills and so on, you're a fool. That's why it's scary when people run after candidates like lemmings toward a cliff. I think readers and writers of science fiction who pay close attention can easily get freaked out. It's like watching the reality of a world, or for now just the nation, get stalked by 1984. I could go into details, but I'll just get all worked up and want to throw things.

Why the hell do you think I write fantasy and SF and even dabble in romance and horror?

Anyway, my early prediction for the future is that gas will go up again. Hope everyone has enjoyed their $2.something gallons. It was nice while it lasted.

On a lighter note, head over to Alternative Ramblings to hear about my latest writing escapades. I promise you it's good stuff. :)

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