So yeah. Been a while since that last spaz post. I mean to post a few days after that but...yeah. Anyway, a few things I've either discovered or forgot to mention:

I do answer to the name of Janice now.

I can still become invisible.

Discovery Cove kinda sucks.

I've realized why it may be harder for me to hook a guy - I look younger than I am. When I was 24, one of my co-workers (a girl a few years younger than me) thought I was 19. Everyone always guesses way lower than my actual age, and while that's all fine and dandy and going to work out well for me when I'm older, it's kinda shitty at the moment because if I see a handsome man of 27 or something, he's not going to look at me twice because he probably thinks I'm 20 or some shit. Great for walking across campus, bad for wanting to find an actual man as opposed to a college schmuck. Damn. It looks like I'll have to dress up and wear makeup more than I actually do (which is 1 out of every 30 days maybe) in order to potentially boost age-appearance. Even then I'm not sure it works. I think it does...for all I know I'm reinforcing the age concept. Damn. I'll have to ask around.

I find it funny that when gas started to go up again, no one started bitching. I'm willing to bet no one bitches until it's as high as it was last time. Idiots. I sure as hell bitch. Not much I can do about it, but I still bitch.

JPMorgan Chase can go suck a donkey. They broke the previous agreement between Washington Mutual and MyPoints, Inc. so now their credit card is going to turn into some shitty card with lame rewards. Once I pay off my current balance, I'm canceling that bitch. I should email MyPoints to see how their new card agreement is going.

I'm going to Florida in July. Who wants to join me?

My sister's wedding is inching closer and I'm going to freak out one of these days and buy one of the items on her list (...are they allowed to look at it after putting stuff on it? Cuz um...I'll probably be the first to buy something out of sheer paranoia). Hey, I decided on this thing WAY long ago and I'm going to be mega mad if someone else beats me to the punch.

I'm actually happier and more normal than I sound on this blog. I made cookies (A LOT of cookies) the other day, I enjoy my job, and we got our first thunderstorm of spring yesterday. Ok, so it's going to get cold and snow later in the week and it's not even March yet, but STILL. It's gonna come in like a lion and it was nice to just lie in bed all snuggled up and listen to it rumble.

I'm thinking of starting a tea campaign, if only to annoy the fuck out of the political heads and remind them that the people are still here. The idea? Simple. Get a bag of tea. Write a brief, to the point letter reminding them that they work for us, not themselves, and mail both items to a politician of your choice. Hey, it's just tea. They can't bust you for that. No joke. I am sriously, seriously considering doing it. I mean, just think - politicians all over getting hundreds of bags of tea every day. Sure, they're probably not going to be handling the mail themselves, but it would sure as hell show them that we're watching what they're doing and a lot of us are NOT happy about it, no matter what your political affiliation is. The point isn't to pick on dems or reps - the point is to remind them that THEY were voted in by US. THEY WORK FOR US. But most of them, on both sides, work only for themselves and it's just not cool any more. Hell, just think if that made the news: "Washington has lately been deluged by tea. In a statement that can only be reflecting the Boston Tea Party that helped spur the Revolution, citizens across the country have been sending bags of tea to politicians with letters reminding them of who they work for."

I should so fucking do it. Start up a website, take some pictures of the tea and the letters. Yeah.

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I'm sorry, but I can't help it anymore. I have to say something even if NO ONE is going to read this but you guys and I'm sure you all agree with me (or at least most of it).

So South Carolina is seeking to charge Michael Phelps over the whole bong photo thing.

Seriously? I mean...seriously??

Ok, granted, it's illegal (in which case, whichever douchebag leaked the photo scores with an EPIC FAIL), but consider what's going on here for *just* a second. Let's compare.

Two players here at Penn State University were busted for marijuana (and more, if I remember right, but then again football players here at Penn State are ALWAYS fucking up. That's right - if you're a Penn Stater, most of your players are fucking douchebags who start bar fights and do drugs) but guess what? They were suspended for two (maybe four) games and then the big Michigan State game rolled up and guess what? They were back on the field playing. Good ole Joe Paterno and every fat cat at that fucking university put those guys back on the field because football is lucrative, collegiate or not, and they want to win. Because winning is important kids. Winning is EVERYTHING, even at college. Especially when it's a big team. Why, you have to have your drug snorting guys playing on the field. Are they being charged? I *think* so, but hey, here, I'm not sure. The police might be a bunch of pussies too and let them off with a warning for all I know. But the university sure as hell didn't mind much.

Our new President, Barack Obama, has explicitly stated that yes, he's done MJ. And....wait a moment....he's done cocaine too. I guess a little blow now and then is okay if you don't get caught. How come he's not getting in trouble? Why isn't he getting charged? He ADMITTED TO SOMETHING THAT IS ILLEGAL. But I guess that's okay now that he's president. That and he's from Chicago where a good percentage of corrupt politicians slither out of *coughBlagocough*. You pretty much have to be a major fuckup to get arrested when you're a politician from Chicago (which is why Blagojevitch isn't going to get off, I mean, c'mon, the freaking FBI came to your house and arrested your ass dude. You're toast, admit it. And besides, nothing you say makes any sense in relation to what's going on and I don't think anyone really gives a shit anyway. GTFO. Douche.) So yeah. President Obama has smoked marijuana and sniffled up some cocaine (you haven't heard? just search for Barack Obama and drugs and you'll get oodles of news clippings and oh yeah, it's in his book). But hell, as least he admitted it as opposed to Clinton's retarded, "I didn't inhale" speech.

Hey, wait, that works. Phelps! Just tell them you didn't inhale!

It's apparently okay to evade your taxes too. You can skimp and keep all that money, and if you're caught, you won't have to pay anything, and even then if you have to pay something, you won't have to pay any pentalties. That is, as long as your a politician. The rest of us will get screwed over without any Vaseline. In fact, I'm surprised no one has been shot yet by some disgruntled worker who's lost his house and his job. So who are our tax evaders? Timothy Geithner - who, by the way is TREASURY SECRETARY. The guy can't even handle his own goddamn taxes and he's expected to handle our money and be economic advisor to the president? OH wait, it's no big deal. He says he just made some mistakes. It's okay. Senator Tom Daschle has also apparently make a few silly little goofs. He was the nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Way to serve yourself by not paying $128,000. Douchebag. There's at least two more but I don't have time for them.

Then of course there are aaalll the people bitching about this. Self-righteous idiots who think everyone that goes through college doesn't drink or try drugs (of any kind) or that if they have, they're automatically drop-outs or bad people. Take a long, hard look at whatever football team or baseketball team you cheer for. How many of the players have been in drug busts? Beating women? Starting bar fights? Fighting in general? Dog fighting? And look at them - they're all still playing, not in jail, getting away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a fine (which they can pay off no problem because it's a drop in the bucket for them). Most of them, anyway (it seems like it's only when the public gets too pissed off at one person do they decide to press serious charges and actually chuck the guy in jail. But hey, when he gets out, he'll be able to play again, and might just start up with old habits. Why not?). But do these same people bitch and whine? Do they even pay attention? Do they have a clue? No, probably not. And if they do, it isn't until multiple offenses by the player do they finally get annoyed. Plaxico Burress of the Giants is a good example (and WTF kind of name is that anyway? Sounds like a goddamn plastic company). I mean, he shot himself in the leg with a gun at a nightclub and then a fellow teammate tried to help hide the gun. What. The. Fuck. And to prove my point, on the New York Daily News website next to the article about that is a vote you can take whether or not he's more trouble than he's worth! One option is "Yes, shooting himself was final straw" which begs the question of how many fucking straws were there before, and then "No, he's simply too talented to drop." He shot himself...with a public...and you want to keep him because he's fucking talented? Michael Phelps won eight Olympic gold medals and I'm willing to bet the same people who would vote "No" would cry foul just because he's taking a hit from a bong.

Are you people fucking serious?

I can't take it. I simply can't take it anymore. People in this country are just getting too fucking retarded for me. Yes, I said it, I'm politically incorrect, and I don't fucking care. By the way, 16% of however many people took the poll voted "No, keep him." Oh, and by the way, he had the gun "to protect himself." Despite the fact that there were security guards around him. And he was drinking. Yeah. Real smart, Plastic boy. Fucking douchebag. And he gets $35 million a year to catch a football. That's fantastic.

But no, by all means, charge Phelps, he broke the law, naturally, in a photo, since that's evidence enough and everything else I've just mentioned is a-okay. I just thought I'd point out how fucked up this country's priorities have become and how hypocritical people are.

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