I hate to go over this again because it seems like I always am, but it's because it just fascinates me. I don't understand it, which is bizarre since it'

I decided to do a bit of number crunching in relation to the guys I find attractive - from those I've met in flesh and blood to the actors and such I fantasize about for the hell of it. I already knew the ratio would be sad, if not rather pathetic, since for some strange, strange reason I am more attracted to guys who are not American.

To say 30% of the men I find attractive are American is being generous.

Why is this?? I seriously don't understand. I've discussed it before, many times, but I don't get it. It's not the accent either, if that's what you're thinking. While that is a definite turn on, I'll be watching the TV/movie screen and think, "Damn, that guy is hot" only to find out much, (some times a lot) later that he's not American. And they always end up being from the UK area or places the UK has touched on (Australia and on occasion, South Africa - even several Canadians have beaten out Americans in attractiveness). It's just fucking weird, ok? And it's kind of pissing me off because that means I'm sort of screwed in the guy department, which I have been for quite some time. How so? Well, first off, if I find a guy, he'll have to fall into that meager less than 30%. Add to that, of all my 25 years, I've only had serious crushes on all of 3 guys (almost 4, but I don't know if I can count that guy or not due to it not being a crush so much as "This guy is hot and goddamn it, if I get a chance to make out with him, I'm fuckin' takin' it.").

Yes, you read that right. 3 (sort of 4) guys. What. The. Fuck.

People say I'm picky, or used to. They probably still do. Hell, anyone reading this probably thinks I have mental problems. I don't think that's quite it. I say this because I've tried. People would always say, "Oh, so-and-so likes you, why don't you give it a chance?" I would. Mentally, I would. I'd try to see myself with the person, many times, in different situations, but most of the time it just didn't work. There was no zing. No attraction. Friendly affection, sure. Shit, I can do that with anyone, but as for sparking chemistry...*shrug* Which, I might add, sucked because then I always felt bad saying, "No, sorry, I don't want to date you. Sorry."

*huff* It's a conundrum I can't seem to solve. I don't know what it is about these outsiders that always catches my interest. Maybe American guys in my eyes are all generic. That same American boy style, look, ambiance. I don't know. I. Do not. Know.

I guess there really is no point in me trying to analyze my desires. I guess I'm just bound to like what I like. I sure as hell won't ever examine my attachment to chocolate, but I like to think that drooling over a man is different than drooling over a food item. Hell, everyone likes chocolate, unless they're allergic to it or just......fucking weird. It's just that some little switch gets turned on in me when these certain men appear......

I don't know. This isn't a complaint (ok, it sort of is, because this switch basically indicates that I'm fucked and while I'm cool with the aspect that I might never marry, I'd at least like to hook up with someone awesome now and then for Heaven's sake. A girl has needs.), but more of an attempt to understand what the hell the deal is. I'll probably never find out and instead ought to get a plane ticket to Ireland or something and find out what happens. Hah.

Whatever the case, I'm going to look damn good at work tomorrow since I have to be there all day. Who knows, maybe I'll bump into some hot non-American and get a little something out of it.

Boy wouldn't that just be the highlight of my adult life. ......And in a sort of creepy twist, a song titled "You Never Know" has just appeared on Winamp...

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  1. Sandra Dee Says:

    You're totally cracking me up! Stop over-analyzing everything. (Yes, I realize I probably misspelled with it)'re going to be so busy analyzing and number crunching that you're going to totally miss the amazingly gorgeous UK immigrant who happens to sit down next to you at Starbucks and who also happens to be not only Mr. Right Now...but Mr. Right.

    But, then again, you know my track record. And seeing as how my last two relationships began and ended, I don't know that I should even be legally allowed to date. It's dangerous! :-P