Well, I finally got all my stuff together and printed all 422 pages of my thesis (book) yesterday. Twice. Sent each one off to my mentors for the final evaluation. This, kiddies, is the final test. Either I pass or I fail. I'm pretty damn sure I'm gonna pass. If I don't, well, I just might go berserk on somebody. Whee! Feel the magic. Now all I have to do is write a paper and create a 50-minute teaching lesson. Good times.

On another note, check this out. I don't know about you, but it's not cool. What's worse is that some performers actually support this. Goes to show they don't know much about how radio has helped them in the past. Frankly, I think this is crap, so I took action (I'll bet some of you think I'm all talk). So here you go:

Three letters to all the PA reps (complete with friggin' creepy nutcracker stamps) about this performance tax. Of course none of them will read it, I'm sure, and they're going to keep doing all the bullshit that politicians do - and by the way, I thought it was pretty damn awesome when I saw in the news that people actually were sending bags of tea to these idiots and on the 15th had "tea parties." I think what a lot of other people and newscasters missed out on was what the point of those rallies were. It wasn't about taxes per se, but basically the little guy getting fucked over aaaaaaaallllll the time by policitians making deals and ignoring everything we want. That's why I think any of the politicians that wanted to join in - Democrat, Republican, whatever - no matter how into it they truly may have been, should have been kept out. It just skewed everything so that everyone got all Democrat/Republican on each other again and ignored what the whole point of that day was.

All right. Fuck the policitians and everyone in Washington. Next topic before I get irritated.

Football game today. Which means getting out of my driveway is a pain in the ass. No idea why these losers are even playing a football game. And one of the players is busted for smoking marijuana (while on probation for, guess what? Smoking MJ). He's still not going to go to jail.

Pennsylvanians still can't drive and it's gotten to the point that I've begun to wish bad things upon them. Take the girl doing her makeup in front of me the other day. Yes, I could see her applying blush with her nice little brush and putting on mascara - mascara - while cruising down the road (with the occasional swerve of course). I wanted her to crash. I really did. Not bad, of course, I don't want to deal with death and blood, but just enough to fuck up her car. I'd stop, call 911 and tell them, "Yeah, this woman was putting on makeup while driving." And I'd tell all the cops and everyone would be like, "Ah, you dumb bitch." I have no tolerance for these people. Not when they do things like this. Or when they start to turn into the oncoming traffic lane instead of further to the left where their lane actually is and people like me who suddenly find a car coming towards them have a moment of, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

But it's finally warm today at least and if the traffic dies down, I might go get ice cream at DQ. It's supposed to be 85 so I might even downgrade from a t-shirt to a tank top.

Hmm, hungry. Wonder what's for lunch.....or rather, if there is anything for lunch. =P

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