Finally someone said it. The major news networks need to figure this out. They're making this swine flu crap sound like something from the movie Outbreak. Geez. It's like that stupid SARS thing all over again. Watch out, Ryan.

Currently: Ugh. SO tired of stupid people...
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  1. Megan Says:

    You have no idea how crazy it was working in a school when the whole swine flu thing broke out. Every time someone coughed I was like OH GOD GET OUT OF MY ROOM! I Clorox wiped everything multiple times a day, and my hands are dried-up prunes because of how much Purell I have used. Go figure it's not a big deal.
    All of my students were like "YEAH they're going to close school!" and I responded "Well then, you must really want to make those days up in JULY!" to which there was complete, stupefied silence. It was lovely. I truly enjoy terrifying my students :P