For those visiting for the first time (as there may be a few of you - you know who you are), welcome to my little bloggy. This used to be just a hub called The Profile with links to everything I was connected to on the web (or just about). Now it's taken over the job that my Life O'Me blog used to have. Here is where you'll hear about the goings on in my life. Not often a big deal, but sometimes I have weird stories to relate.

As you can see, there are links all over, so here's a quick rundown of where they'll take you:

  • Alternative Ramblings ~ My writing blog. All my writing news will be posted there, from what I'm writing now to thoughts on genres to my current agent search.
  • A Bookseller Recommends ~ Previously the Life O'Me blog. Provided I get to continue my job at B&N in Kansas City (...and even if I don't), this is due to become my reading blog focusing mostly on recommending good books for just about anyone. This blog officially rolls out the welcome mat August 1st.
  • LinkedIn ~ I'm on this social networking site as opposed to MySpace or Facebook. It's more professional and can actually work for your career, though I haven't utilized it for such things yet.
  • Epinions ~ The site where I review anything and everything. Books, music, camping/hiking equipment, movies, office supplies, and more. I used to be an Advisor as well as a Top Reviewer in several categories, but my production has really slowed down in recent years, thus the loss of all my hats (as they're called) except for one (which will probably be gone soon as well).
Links on the side are mostly for fun. The first group [Fun and Functional] are links I highly value. The links farther down [Bored? Amuse Yourself] are just for kicks, as are the T-shirt links. You can click those and peruse on your own time. Just be careful of what you might be getting into...

And yes, that is a 30-second clip of music to the right. Just make sure your speakers are low because you never know what I might have stored away in there. You'll be able to see what artist/song I have ready to play, but if you don't know what it is, it's best to be careful as I enjoy a good bit of loud music now and then.

So welcome, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments (you don't have to be a member of Blogger to do so).

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