Happy Birthday to Me.


Not the best birthday ever, but I've most certainly had worse. I did get some new shoes (though I had to buy them, and I only did that because I HAD to - my other ones were falling apart and giving me blisters) and some chocolates (those I didn't have to pay for). Now we're eating tacos. A random day, to be sure.

I finally got a big project out of my hair, but promptly took on another, albeit smaller, one. At the very least I managed to finally critique some stuff like I should have done two months ago.

I do have stories for anyone actually reading this blog (re: Megan XD). I really do. But I just don't have the time to sit down and write them now. Sort of strange considering I'm not working At least, not the way most of us think of as working - the freelance thing is all I've got right now, but it takes up time. But when I'm not sitting at my computer with Word open (something I'm beginning to loathe), I have oodles of other little things that always seem to pile up. A lot of it is due to my sister's upcoming wedding. We're making the little wedding favors by hand, which easily eats a few hours. And I almost can't believe it, but I'm still buying stuff in relation to my place in the wedding (spending money I basically don't have. Aren't credit cards great?). Running errands. My car badly needs an oil change. I have to call my bank still. And on and on it goes.

Even better, it seems like everything I own has suddenly decided to die or break down on me. My shoes finally got worn to the point that running in them a week ago gave me a lovely dime-sized blister on the heel my little footsie. They're 5-6 years old. My printer choked yesterday and refuses to print (it's probably as old as my shoes...if not older), though the annoying part about that is the printer itself appears rather fine. The problem appears to be in the computer somewhere - the document gets sent to the little print window and then blips right off again. Maybe the print cable is broken. I dunno. And then my laptop bought the farm while I was visiting my sister. That's actually not so bad because I never used it anyway, it was a two-time hand-me-down, and I'm selling it on ebay in the hopes of making at least a little money out of it.

But aside from all that, yes. Stories. I have a lot of them and plan on writing them once my sister's wedding has gone down and the happy couple is off on their honeymoon and I've likely run out of things to do here. Here's a bit of what they're going to entail:

  • My move to Missouri which took about 7 days, 2 of which were done in 92ยบ heat with no A/C.
  • The new house - that had no water and no dishes, pots, pans, or anything else for 4 days.
  • The teaspoon mouse.
  • The God-awful low-carb diet is back, only this time with a reason.
  • Everything that's gone wrong with my bridesmaid dress (which continues into the present).
  • Basement turned swamp.
  • Anything else I remember.
That's it for now folks. Enjoy the rest of your day and eat some cake for me since I can't have any, an ironic fact considering a few weeks ago I said I'd have cake even if I had to make it for myself. Geezo.

Hard at work!
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