Ok, so let's face it. I'm totally never going to go over any of the things that happened when I moved here. I'm too lazy, it feels like work, and who the hell reads this blog anyway? Besides, I pretty much summed it all up in that last blog post when I said I would get around to the stories.


Life, otherwise, is mellow. My sister got married on October 10th, and perhaps I should have swiped a photo from the website they were on, but again, who cares? Haha. Anyway, that's not a very ethical thing to do (even if it's not hard). Though maybe if the link is still up I could send it to a few people. Maybe Hilary would get inspired by a few things...

No job. Still. No one that isn't shitty is hiring. So I freelance. I freelance my ass off. In fact, I should do my own freelance so I don't have to split the pay 50/50 or whatever the pay is actually split. Either way, I freelance so much crap that I'm at least making what I made while working at B&N - and that's if I assume I made an average $160 a week at B&N, which I feel pretty certain I did not.

I did lose my Top Reviewer hat on, which sucks - A LOT. Of course, I had ample time to get my shit together and write more reviews. Except I'd been freelancing so much, the idea of writing just seems like more work (another reason this blog has been rather dormant). Even fiction writing. I went a few months with nothing to send my critique partners because writing just sucked. That and I was having difficulty getting into a character's brain, and still am, but that's a different story. Anyway, losing the TR hat happened, and I think if I'd known my earnings would go down 95%, I would have worked a hell of a lot harder to keep the hat. I guess it had been so long since I'd not had a hat, I didn't realize how big of a difference it makes. So now I'm back, hence the near-every day Epinion. Screw you $4. I want my $25 back. Luckily, I think everyone knows that so the next time hats go out, maybe they'll see fit to grace me with one again, but it sucks because I don't think that will happen until after the holiday rush, and that's where a lot of the money comes in.

The writing kick has been good as of late, thanks to my older sister who bought me The 10th Kingdom for a graduation present. I forgot how much I loved that miniseries, though it really sucks that the first and last CDs won't play on my computer. I have to watch them on our DVD player, and then I don't do it unless I know dad's not around because A.) he'll make fun of it a little and B.) he asks constant questions and it gets to the point where I want to yell, "WILL YOU JUST WATCH THE MOVIE!? You will find out if you watch the movie!" I don't of course, but my brain screams it. Either way, it inspired me and I went buck wild on the writing, doing 100 or so pages in about 4 days. Not my record (my record is 124 in 2 days - this is all double-spaced by the way). So that's been good again, and the current source of the recent Alternative Ramblings blog posting. And of course, why I went bonkers and have the soundtrack now (see music bit on the side, though Imeem cut it off and I don't know why they do that to me and not to others).

Hmm. What else?

I got a $55 ticket for driving around with expired license plates. Whoops. Actually, my mom got it while driving my car, but since it's my fault the plates are expired, I'm paying for it.

PNC ate my bank, National City, so now I'm changing out banks because I'm not interested in PNC's strange deal of charging $1 when you use your debit card at certain gas stations (no telling which ones either).

I think that's really it. Nothing major going on. Halloween was a bust, a shocking, shocking bust. A grand total of maybe 10 kids. Astonishing since we practically live next to a school and a school bus drives by to pick up and dump off kids right on our street.

Thanksgiving is coming up kids, so get your turkeys and your pumpkin pies - it's time to chow down and be thankful we've got turkeys and pumpkin pies to chow down on!

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  1. Megan Says:

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed all your turkey :) I do still follow all of your stories, so there!