Even if I don't post very much on here, I've been pretty active lately on my writing blog. Remember, you can always see when there's a new post just by looking over here ------>

I make sure to update that anytime I post something new, whether or not anyone cares. Hah! So if you're bored, mosey on over to Alternative Ramblings (there's a permanent link at the top of the page) for some fun stuff. In fact, there's some goodies from my most current WIP (work in progress) posted. There's been a kissing/near-kissing blogfestingness going around, and I've joined in. After all, who doesn't love some good smoochin'?

Whoo hoo!

*dances off*

Oh, and by the way; high-five for five inches of snow!

Merry Chrsitmas kiddies! (and you probably got a card)
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