We all appreciate your ethusiasm and graciousness in hosting the Winter Olympics and look forward to everything that Canada has to offer. It looks like it will be another exciting year full of gold, silver, and bronze medals for first-rate athletes all ready and willing to do their part to show their amazing skills and promote peace and goodwill worldwide.

Having said that, fix your fucking luge run.


At the present, their answer to blocking off steel beams is to erect a 12-foot wooden wall.

You guys spend millions of dollars building all this Olympic stuff and you can't spring for some fucking padding?

After having some issues (such as my skin freaking out on me and some sub-zero or near sub-zero temperatures), I have a lot of things to look forward to. how about we start with soonest first?

  • Sunshine.
  • My first ever pecan pie.
  • A nightstand instead of a cardboard box like I have now.
  • A papsan chair. I've wanted one of these for YEARS and after squirreling away money for some time, I'm going to freaking buy one.
  • A $50 Barnes & Noble gift card (jackpot!)
  • Working out again.
  • Whatever I have leftover from the gift cards and such after I use them to get the nightstand and chair.
  • My skin not freaking out (*fingers crossed*).
  • Payday.

Now if only I could figure out how to fix the layout of my book blog...

Currently: I can bake. Really, I can!