After having some issues (such as my skin freaking out on me and some sub-zero or near sub-zero temperatures), I have a lot of things to look forward to. how about we start with soonest first?

  • Sunshine.
  • My first ever pecan pie.
  • A nightstand instead of a cardboard box like I have now.
  • A papsan chair. I've wanted one of these for YEARS and after squirreling away money for some time, I'm going to freaking buy one.
  • A $50 Barnes & Noble gift card (jackpot!)
  • Working out again.
  • Whatever I have leftover from the gift cards and such after I use them to get the nightstand and chair.
  • My skin not freaking out (*fingers crossed*).
  • Payday.

Now if only I could figure out how to fix the layout of my book blog...

Currently: I can bake. Really, I can!
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